Voting “Mindfully” and “Intuitively”


It is election time again and it has never been more important to VOTE.   If you are having trouble making a decision – I hope this helps give you clarity.

Many of you already know me as the “Intuitive Chef” so what I am about to share will probably not come as too big a shock.  I’m sure some will think I’m completely insane.  I gotten to a place in my life (a very peaceful place I might add) where I no longer make decisions based on what others think.

It’s only fear (EGO – Earth Guidance Only) that causes us to hold tight to our gifts and prevents us from sharing them with the world.  How selfish is that? The world needs us to share our gifts NOW!   Its only fear that keeps us stuck in the “same old, same old”, afraid of change.  You know the old saying, “There is nothing to fear except fear itself”.  And, here is another good one, “The only constant is change”.

This is me being fearless.  I came out of the closet with my intuitive gifts on Facebook in 2013 and I haven’t looked back.  My website was completely re-vamped in 2015 to reflect my Highest Work.  Since then, life has shown me, I absolutely did the right thing!  I read this quote the other day online and it is so true, “Life always tells the truth”.   What is your life telling you?

There is no way I’m letting fear get in the way of this important message:  We must BE the change we want to see in this country and worldwide.  This may mean changing how we do things, including voting.

In 2014, I voted intuitively for the first time and I’ve been voting this way ever since.  I use this divine gift to guide me daily in every aspect of my life, why not use it to vote?  We all have this gift.  It’s part of our God-given inheritance.  And, if I am aware of my intuitive gifts then I know there are many others that are aware or starting to become aware of theirs.  I can’t think of a more important way to use this gift, well yes I can, but this is definitely at the top.

The fact is, even if we did our homework (which I’m sure many voters don’t) it’s still really hard to get past all of the deception to make an educated choice.   And, our educated choice is only as good as the education.  We know from past experience, what we’ve learned may not remain true.   For instance; science is continually evolving along with man.

You can’t believe everything you hear from the AD campaigns.  People don’t also tell the truth.  Voting “party” is most ineffective; it just creates more polarity and in no way guarantees the character or motives of a candidate.

Listening to opinion gets you nowhere; everyone has one.  The news stations lean to one side of the other – CNN is “so-called” liberal and FOX is considered “conservative”.  And BIG money controls what is reported.  Many big issues you will not hear discussed unless you listen objectively to all sides.   How many actually do this?  Even if you do, what you consider important still may not be addressed.  Many HUGE issues are not being talked about today.  A candidate is not obliged to answer a question never asked.  And, politicians are experts at “not answering the question”.

See “Voting Mindfully for Freedom” for what “I consider” important questions to ask of our candidates and more voting tips:

We can no longer afford to vote blindly based on party or based on what others think.  We can no longer afford to “follow the leader” if we want to see progressive change.  Change for the “Good” of ALL of mankind and the planet.  If you are ready for a change, then the only way to have it is to make a change.

On Election Day, we are not just voting for president.  We have lots of decisions to make and each one counts.  The president does not operate independently.   I want to elect individuals that have the “highest good” of the “people” and the “planet” as his/her top agenda.  Of course, sometimes we must choose between the lesser of 2 evils (or more).

We are not under a dictatorship; the end result of following the leader.   It is my prayer this country remains a free democracy that supports and honors all life and our God-give right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   This can only happen if we exercise our God-given “free will” to think independently and objectively and then act.

Voting Intuitively Tip #1:  Our mind is our most powerful tool.  “Nothing was ever created that wasn’t thought of first”.  What we “think we know”, our opinion or judgment will affect our answers.  The person that “knows” the least will find it easier to receive “pure” answers.   Objectivity is learned.  It is something I have gotten good at over time.  It is imperative in my work.   (I share in my workshops, tips for learning objectivity.)

Before testing anything, take a deep, mindful cleansing breath to clear and ground.  When emotionally charged, we have been taught to “take a deep breath” before reacting. Why? It clears our mind.  It may help to speak out loud, “I don’t care what the answer is – I only want the Truth”.

I receive the answer in my head (that wasn’t always the case).  You may receive your answers another way.  I then use another method for verification.  (Very important step!  Sometimes my mind still gets in the way.  I’m human).  There are many divining tools you can use including your body.  You have a way of receiving answers in your body whether you are aware of it or not.   (Stay tuned for more tips on cultivating your intuitive skill or call me).

Voting Intuitively Tip #2  When asking for Guidance, “the answer is only as good as the question”.  This was a powerful lesson I learned early on as an intuitive.  For voting, I needed a question that takes into consideration that in some cases, none of the choices are very good ones.  However, one choice is better than all the others.  For instance; often times the best choice has no chance of getting elected and voting for the “best choice” could be a vote that helps elect the “worst choice”.

The question that arrived: “Which choice has the best chance of tipping the scales towards the highest best good of the people and the planet?”

I print out the ballot.  I state my intention (the question above) and ask “Is this the right choice” of every candidate and record the answers on the ballot.

Some “intuitives” will be able to just go to the booth and vote intuitively on the fly.    I do better in the peace and quiet of my personal space (probably a result of my “hermit” years).    I’m chuckling right now as I imagine people standing in the voting booth with pendulums and dowsing rods….LOL.  I take my ballot with me to the voting booth.  By the way, I always vote early to avoid long lines.

When voting this way, the answers cross all parties, which does not surprise me.  There are good choices on all sides just like there are bad ones.

Keep this in mind:  Just because your choice does not get elected, do not be discouraged.   It takes time and many votes to shift the collective.  However, each vote shifts the collective consciousness.  So keep voting!

If you are interested in knowing more about developing your own intuition or voting intuitively, I am happy to share my journey and what has worked for me.

Awareness and Gratitude equal the most exquisite FREEDOM!

In closing, here is a simple affirmative prayer to support world peace and this election:

The light of Truth, Peace, Love and Unity shines bright on our world
– So Be It and So It IS!

Voting Mindfully for Freedom & Peace

time to share this again…

The Evolution of FREE Health

Elections 2016

We are at a crossroads in this country.  It is time for BIG change which means we have to take a hard look at what is NOT working and make new choices.   To find solutions that WORK we must be willing to think outside the box and THINK FOR OURSELVES.

We can no longer afford to let someone, some group or our government do the “thinking” for us.

Americans are really MAD and ready for change.  Anger is the most powerful, passionate energy and catalyst for change there is.  It is necessary and creates revolution that furthers human evolution.   This country is in a severe state of “dis-ease” and I’m not talking about just illness.  It is a collective “state of being”, physically and emotionally.   The very thing many are resistant to is the cure – change..

Nothing changes until we change our mind.

Republicans and democrats argue over control; too…

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3rd Missing Link to the Current Health Care Puzzle: Humans are Animals

Humans are animals

Somewhere along the line we have forgotten what our body is and IS NOT.  Our body is not who we are; it houses who we are.  Who we are is beyond our body; beyond all thought and form.  Beyond human comprehension.

However, this organic animal form we inhabit is governed by the same “Laws of Nature” as all animal forms until we fully realize WHO WE ARE.  (I’m jumping the gun here on the 5th missing link).

What differentiates the human animal form from other animal forms with the exception of a few?  Humans are conscious or “aware” of themselves and their thoughts – some more than others.

Wild animals living in the wild; eating their natural diets do not suffer from chronic, painful disease.   They live and then they die short, natural deaths.

On the other hand, domesticated animals experience many of the same chronic ailments as the human animal and suffer long, painful deaths. Why?  They are eating many of the same unnatural and incompatible foods and toxins as their human friends and are affected by the stress that is a constant companion for much of humanity.

We have let industry convince us toxins and chemicals are compatible with our natural organic bodies.  THIS IS NOT TRUE and it never was.   Humanity arrived on this planet like all other animals with all we needed to be happy and healthy and there is plenty to go around.

If it doesn’t seem that way it is because the same BIG industries we’ve let convince us toxins and chemicals are compatible to our bodies are the same BIG industries profiting BIG TIME from our sick bodies.   Connect the dots here:

It only takes one day watching “prime time” or day time TV AND the commercials to figure out who owns main stream media and what they want us to know:  the drug companies, big food industry, law firms and health care conglomerates.

A huge conflict of interest exist between what is good for our health

And what is most profitable.  

 For example:  Oncologist are the only medical doctors allowed to profit directly from chemotherapy drugs; bypassing the middle man (the pharmacy).

The slow-dying, decaying human animal has become very profitable.

Like all animals, we are either in a state of thriving of decay.  We never stand still.   If we are decaying (dying), Mother Nature steps in to facilitate this natural process.  (See more on this here:  “All of Nature Supports Life – Even in Death” on this blog page). Instead of reversing the decaying process with “life-sustaining” measures, BIG industry has found a way to profit “long-term” by sustaining decay.

The symptoms of decay IS “dis-ease”.  This natural process is treated as the enemy by the medical community.  The “perceived” enemy must be destroyed at all cost (even at the cost of our health).   The “war-torn” body becomes too tired to sustain health.

The war on disease is a war we will not win, because there is no enemy.  The body is always doing the right thing.  It is always striving to live even at the expense of body parts.  All dis-ease and its symptoms are just a message that an imbalance has occurred within our body and decay has begun.  (More on this in Missing Link #4).

Balance is the key to thriving on this planet.  This is true in all of nature.  When our planet’s soil and water is out of balance they will not support life.  When any “body” is out of balance it will not support life.  When a body can no longer support life it becomes food for other life.  Have you ever wondered why we do not see more dead animals lying around or how a human body dissappears if left to nature?

Too stop the dying cycle, balance must be restored.  It sounds simple; however the human mind creates many blocks to balance and health.  Most Lower Animals do not have any blocks to healing running in the back ground of their subconscious.  They don’t have a subconscious.  They live in the “present moment” with no worries; no concerns for the future and no past regrets.

Have you ever noticed it doesn’t matter if you are gone for an hour or a day, your dog will always greet you as a long lost friend.

However, our pets do absorb and are affected by non-beneficial energy (chronic negative thought patterns) of their human companions.  Animals are very intune to energy; it is how they communicate. They may learn commands, but it is energy they trust.  The very sensitive ones are the equivalent of human “empaths”.

The stress of non-beneficial energies can manifest in our pets as disease.   Stress and its role in disease is now well researched and documented. When these non-beneficial energies are cleared and the animal is fed exactly what it needs, they heal fast; that is, if they want to be on this side of the dirt.  The same is true for the human animal when the mind is not blocking the body.

It is our human brain that causes us so much pain.

 Read more on “Food IS Talking” for animals here: 

Like lower animals the human body knows exactly what it needs and doesn’t at all times for health and healing.  Lower animals (less conscious) eat instinctively – they don’t think, they know.   Our superior human brain has gotten in the way of this natural “knowing” or “intuition”.   In this forgetfulness we have given over our responsibilities to “others”.

IT IS TIME we took back the responsibility for our own health.

The health of our planet depends on it!

As we start to demand and eat what is compatible to our bodies, industry will oblige.  There is no money to be made in what doesn’t sell.  As you vote with your wallet, balance will be naturally restored to your body and to the planet.  What is compatible to us is compatible with Mother Nature.

You have the ability to discern for yourself what your “unique” body needs at any given time.  This is what “Food IS Talking” is all about!  To learn more visit

We are Born to Live and Dance the Dance of life.

We did not come here to spend long, painful years dying.   When what we “Eat and Think (most importantly – what we think) is in alignment with happiness and health we are dancing with life.

Blessings of Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!


Stay tuned for the 4th Missing Link:   “All Illness and Pain is Sending a Message – What is it?”




Acid Eats Flesh – Inside and Out

Alkaline Acidity ScaleMost of you realize by now much of the information I share with you comes to me in the form of “revelation”; in other words it is not “learned” but revealed. Today I will be talking about about how the body becomes painfully inflamed and how to put out the fire within.

All disease begins with imbalance.  Imbalance in the body is created by what we ingest into the body and by what we “think”.

Toxins in our food, environment and “toxic thinking” create excess acid in the body.
It is well known that a healthy body pH is alkaline (over 7).  Body pH is different than organ pH.  The body pH ideally should match the blood pH; however anything over 7.0 (neutral) is alkaline and health supporting.

We know acid burns our skin.  We know that skin products that are not “pH balanced” may cause irritation.  Yet, many are unaware that acid affects the inside of the body just like the outside.

Acid eats flesh – Inside and out.   If your skin comes in contact with battery acid, it will burn – a lot!  If you have excess acid in the body, it will burn a lot! Just like any well trained “fire fighter” the inflamed body has only one goal – to put out the fire before it sucks out all life force energy.

Our “life force” energy courses through our body and within our oxygenated blood.  The human blood must remain alkaline within a very tight range between 7:40 – 7.45 to support optimum life force energy.   Even a slight deviation and the body becomes vulnerable to disease.  Note:  you will find slightly different opinions on this.  These are the numbers revealed to me.

Becoming too alkaline is much harder to do with diet than being too acidic.  Our outside environment is more acidic than ever and stress is a constant companion for many.  Still it is possible to become too alkaline when body systems malfunction or by eating too much alkaline food over an extended period.

The health of our body is dependent upon creating and maintaining a healthy body pH.  Testing the body pH regularly can alert us to an imbalance before this imbalance leads to inflammation and disease.

Your doctor may order a blood pH test to confirm serious illness.  At this point the body is radically compromised.  It makes more sense to know on a regular basis what the body’s pH is and know how to make corrections before the blood pH is affected.

Example:  Remember, life sustaining blood pH has a very narrow window. Excess acid in the body must be neutralized before it hits the blood.  How does the body do this?  It pulls alkalizing minerals from the bones; the cause of osteoporosis.  You can live for a long time with brittle bones, but not with acidic blood.

The body is always doing the right thing.  It is never the enemy as some “schools of thought” would have us believe.  It is protecting life even at the expense of body parts.  

Another example:  the over-production of cholesterol is directly related to inflammation in the body.  Cholesterol is the “Band Aid” the body uses to patch inflamed arteries before they can spring a link; much like a tire patch.  When an artery springs a leak you bleed to death.  You can live with narrowed arteries for a very long time.

A chronically acidic body inflames every digestive organ until they are paralyzed and diseased.  These organs become unable to perform their function of digesting and assimilating nutrients.  The body becomes malnourished as they scream for relief.

Acidic cells are unable to effectively absorb nutrients and water.   They are like “river rock”.  Everything just washes over them.   Healthy cells are like little sponges.  They hydrate and absorb nutrition easily.

A sure sign of excessive acid is excessive urination.  Does water run right through you?  Do you get up more than once a night regularly to go to the bathroom?  You may not be able to retain water.

When the body is very acidic, “you CAN drink too much water”.   Excessive urination taxes the kidneys and throws electrolytes out of balance.

Not only are “river rock” cells unable to absorb nutrition the compromised digestive system is unable to process and release toxins.  If toxins are allowed to accumulate in the digestive organs, death would be quick and sure. The body must then store these toxins in a safer place; our fat cells. Fat becomes the buffer that protects the body from imminent death.

The body is always doing the right thing..

The body will not release these toxins until it is healthy enough; has enough life force energy to safely carry them away.

Sometimes this never happens and the toxins are taken to the grave.  A body in strife uses a lot of life force energy until it is used up.

The acidic body is a decaying body.   A decaying body becomes the perfect food for our smallest predators; fungus, viruses and bacteria.   Read more about this here:

The body is either thriving or dying.
It never stands still.

Another very good indicator of an acidic body is disportionate weight gain.  For example; if you see a man walking down the street who looks perfectly fit and normal from the back and 9 months pregnant from the front you can be sure this man is full of toxins and probably fungus too.

Toxins are stored in the fat cells. Where you carry your fat, you store your toxins.


Science has made the correlation between heart disease, diabetes, etc. and disportionate waist size.  Now it’s time to connect the dots.  Acid, toxins and disease in the body go hand and hand.

The good news;

While the acidic body is unable to release toxins – The alkaline body is unable to store them.  The healthy, balanced body is able to do what it is miraculously designed to do; release what is not compatible and health supporting.

If you are a client, you know I have the ability to intuitively discern the body pH (many of you do too).  Many of you have tested this ability by testing yourselves with litmus strips (available at any pharmacy).  I’m grateful for all of you that have confirmed for me that I can trust my guidance.

It is easy and “health-saving” to know what your pH is on a weekly basis (before grocery shopping).  The best time to test with a litmus strip is between lunch and dinner.   Keep in mind any substance ingested close to testing time will affect the outcome. For the most accurate test, it is best not to drink or eat anything with 2 ½ hours of testing with the exception of distilled water.

To “maintain” a healthy body pH, concentrate on eating 60% alkaline foods and 40% acidic.   If the body is too acidic you will need to eat even more alkaline foods to bring it back into balance.

What foods are alkaline and acidic?

 All meat is acidic.  All animal products are acidic with the exception of cottage cheese, yogurt and grass- fed butter which are neutral (I have found a French made sheep feta that is also neutral). Neutral 7.0 and does not affect your pH.

Most grains are acidic with the exception of quinoa (really a seed) and some of the “ancient grains”.

All sugar is acidic except for honey.

All oils and most nuts and seeds are acidic (almonds, flax, pumpkin and sesame seed are some exceptions).

All alcohol is acidic. 

All legumes are acidic (lentils the least)

Most fresh fruits and veggies are alkaline or low acidic (lemon is very alkalizing. Cranberries and oranges are acidic).

Simple rule;

For every serving of acidic foods eat 1 to 2 servings of alkaline.  For instance; eat beans and rice and a big salad, or a 4 ounce wild caught salmon filet with baked potato and asparagus.   Or, if you eat all acid one meal eat all alkaline the next.  You can eat anything you are compatible with and maintain balance with a little planning.

  Balance & Happiness is the Key to Good Health!

Here’s to your Joy, Bliss, Happiness & Health!

The Intuitive Chef

Empowering Others to Empower Themselves

I am not a doctor or licensed nutritionist.  The information provided in the form of tips, recipes, and nutrition advice does not qualify as a substitution for your medical doctor’s advice. I encourage you to trust your instincts and do what feels right to you, but seek guidance from your doctor concerning your health and wellness.


The Evolution of Veganism

Vegan-ism is an Evolution –

A process that is escalating as collective consciousness rises.

However, meat consumption is in our collective DNA.  We have been consuming meat for a long, long, time.  As a “Food Intuitive” and “recovered judgmental vegan”, I have come to realize that every “body” is different with its own set of nutritional requirements.  And, what each body needs at any given time changes depending upon our ever-changing physical, mental and even spiritual state.

Over the years and hundreds of “Food Compatibility Charts” later, it has also become very clear that many human bodies have not yet completely adapted to a 100% vegan diet.  A good many still require some foods only animals provide. And there may be those that will always require some animal products.

Collective consciousness has grown leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.  It is this growth that is fueling the vegan/vegetarian movement.  The vegetarian diet is now accepted by the main stream with the strict vegan diet following in its footsteps.

Still, when people test highly compatible for animal sourced food, their body is saying it still requires it; however, not in the “oversized” portions being consumed today.  The average body can assimilate easily about 20 grams of protein at a time (from all sources; plant or animal).  Much more than that is burdensome.  6 ounces of salmon is 35 grams of protein.  1 cup of yogurt can be 10 – 23 grams of protein.  The lower the fat content the higher the protein density.

Denying our body what it still requires can lead to deficiencies that at the very least can keep us from performing optimally at a physical and mental level.  And, worst case scenario lead to illness. At that point, what animal are we being cruel to?

Unlike many other animals, the human body is very adaptable to whatever food source is available; otherwise we would have become extinct long ago.  Adapting takes time.  Evolution is slow.

The exciting news; I’m finding that “most” everyone is compatible and can achieve optimum health with a vegetarian diet.  “Cruelty Free” options that do not involve death for the sake of consumption are out there (if we so choose to search it out).  If meat is required, it can be sourced humanely in a way that respects and honors the animal providing it; again a choice.

“Farm to Table” eating is making a comeback – BIG TIME!  More and more people are finding creative ways in the city to raise their own chickens and gardens.  Produce co-ops are “cropping up” (couldn’t resist:) in every town.  Eating locally means fresher options and supports our local economy and community.

The vegan movement has brought into the light the horrific cruelty by factory farming conglomerates; an industry that has existed “in the dark” for decades.  Now it is hard to ignore anymore how meat arrives on the plate.

With the evolution of veganism we are creating a world less and less tolerant of “cruelty to animals”.  As we become less tolerant of cruelty to lower animals we also become less tolerate of cruelty to the human animal.

If you are entertaining a plant-based diet, it’s because you are ready. Just be kind and patient with yourself.  It’s a process and a very personal one.  If you are wondering if your body has made the shift to a vegetarian or vegan diet you can know through “Food IS Talking” intuitive food compatibility testing (go to to learn more).

It’s important to love and respect everyone’s journey including your own. This is called unconditional love; the pure definition – “the absence of judgment”.  Powerful thing to love unconditionally; it creates loving conditions.   The Intuitive Chef

Breaking The Broken Record

Happiness is what you thinkThe Second Missing Link to the Health Care Puzzle – What we THINK”. 

The energetic power of our thoughts is the most powerful force on the earth!  Nothing was ever created here that wasn’t thought of first.  We ARE a thought of God made in the Creator’s image as “creators”.

Much of what we experience in our life WE create.  Does that mean we say to the Universe, “I want cancer”? Please give it to me”?  Not exactly.  We attract to ourselves like vibrations.  Unlike what we’ve been told, like energy attracts like energy (the Law of Attraction).  You may have very little in common with someone (seemingly opposite) and your energies can still be a perfect match.  Hence; opposites may seem to attract.

Where our focus goes, energy flows.  We give the most power to what we focus on the most.  Just like a camera lens zooms in on its object to bring it into view, our focused thought creates a strong magnet that pulls the object of our focus into our experience. Everyone has negative thoughts (low vibrational).   However,

Our concentrated focus is the clay from which we mold our experience.

For example; all the focus on cancer has only fed the energy of cancer.  More are sick and dying of cancer than ever before.  We are not winning the war.  Most everyone I know has had some kind of personal experience with cancer.

Have you ever noticed some people seem to do a lot of stuff the world labels as “bad or “wrong” and they still live a long, happy, disease-free life?  And some seem to do everything “Good” or “Right”; they are doing “Good” for others and may be eating the way the world says is healthy.  And still, they develop chronic disease and suffer long, painful deaths.

Our mental, physical and spiritual health is determined by our state of “BEING” not “doing”.

My grandmother was a wonderful example of how to live healthy and happy.  She lived to the ripe old age of 95; ate bacon and eggs every day and spent many years whipping up homemade biscuits and gravy.  She was a fabulous southern cook!  She always did what she loved.  She worked as a talented seamstress for many years and made beautiful clothes for her family.   My mother was the best dressed pregnant woman you ever saw (my country coming out:)   Later in life, with only a 4th grade education at 55 years old she decided she wanted to be a “Beautician”.  She succeeded in spades and retired at 82.  The fruits of her labor fed her body and soul.

George Burns is another fine specimen of a life lived long and well.  He lived to be 98 and smoked cigars every day for 70 years.

Both of these people lived through some very stressful times; the Great Depression, World War 1 and World War 2.  So what was their secret to longevity?  Their inward environment was made peaceful by their choice to be happy.  They set their focus on the beauty and sweetness of life.

Experience has shown me in my work and life, it makes no difference what you are eating or “doing” if you are not “being” happy.   Our thoughts and actions must be in alignment with the energy of health to create abundant health.

I’m not saying that everyone is born to live to be 100 or that you will never be sick.  We all have a journey; a time to live, a time to die, lessons to learn and gifts to unwrap.  What I am saying is you have a great and wonderful capacity to create another experience; an even better experience simply by shifting your focus which shifts your energy.

It is well established EVERYTHING is energy.  However, many still have the mindset, “If I can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist”.  We can’t see electricity, but we can see the effect.  We can’t see sound, but we can see the effect.  We can’t see the energy of our thoughts, but we can see the effect.   This is demonstrated in the most convincing way in the Evolution of Free Health “Food IS Talking” workshops.

Our thoughts are “out there”. Our thoughts are not self-contained within our own mind.   And, they not only affect us, they affect our environment and other people (the collective).  If you have witnessed a riot or spontaneous “flash mob” you have seen first-hand how contagious the energy of our thoughts are.

Our children are a part of the collective consciousness.  Our thoughts (energy) and actions (reactions to our thoughts) affect them.   They can become fearful, unhappy and stressed out; or happy, centered and calm.   As very young children, they have not developed stress management tools or the ability to discern truth from untruth.   However, being closer to their natural state (less covered up by the world) they “feel” energy (depending on their “sensitivity” some more than others) and they react accordingly.

Stress is powerful energy and it is born out of fear.  The world teaches us fear and worry.  We’ve learned to be anywhere but in the peaceful present.

Fear is caused by living in our mind where our body cannot go –

Into a painful past or uncertain future.

It’s our human brain that allows us the rich experiences of joy and pain and everything in between that weaves the beautiful tapestry we are becoming.

It’s our perception of the “rich” experience (good or bad) that determines our next experience.   If you can find the Good (often a priceless lesson) and I promise it’s there, you will have lifted the vibration of your energy to attract more good.  Focus on the “bad” (what you don’t want), you are in effect saying, “Give me more of that please”.

If you are worrying, you are praying for what you don’t want.  This reminds me of the title of an old Garth Brooks song, “Thank God for Unanswered Prayers”.

If you have the same “bad” experiences over and over, then you have not taken the time to change your mind – your focus.  A shift in perspective can change everything.   You only need look back on history to know that is Truth.  At one time it was “thought” slavery was perfectly acceptable and women were not intelligent enough to vote.   Thank Goodness enough people were able to shift their minds to create these changes!

So how do we begin to change our mind and our experience?  I’ve heard many say it’s impossible when 90% of what we think consciously is run by the subconscious (thoughts we are not aware of -The Broken Record).    How can you change or be responsible for what you are not aware of?

You may have come to believe you are a “victim” of circumstance (your environment) and your subconscious programming.   We’ve learned that genetics plays a big role in our state of health. There is also a school of thought that says “epigenetics”; emotional tendencies passed down through generations determine much of our experience.

It is also said you cannot change your conscious thinking until the subconscious is brought into the conscious (lots of therapy dollars spent on this idea).

The question that came up for me is this…. If we don’t possess the ability to consciously change our mind and our circumstances then aren’t we just hapless victims without FREE WILL?   That started the wheels turning!

Coming from someone who remembers very little of my childhood and teenage years, I’ve proven the ability to change my conscious mind and my experience regardless of programming and past generational tendencies.    I couldn’t tell you the name of one teacher from kindergarten through high School.   Over the last 4 years, I have gone from sick and unhappy to living an amazing, magical life doing what I love.   If I can do it – anyone can!

BTW – I didn’t do this by myself.  We are not meant to journey alone.   “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” and they have in person, through books; and through the gift of revelations!

I have lived a “health nut” life style most of my adult life.   Health and happiness still eluded me until I made a “conscious” decision to change my victimhood mindset from “life is happening to me” to “life is happening FOR me”.  This created a profound shift in my “point of view”.   It naturally brought up the most important question – EVER!  “I wonder what this experience is for?”

I began asking this question when my experience was not what I would have chosen or when I found myself judging the experience as “bad”.  The key here was to ask with “childlike” curiosity (no judgment) and then be still.  The answer cannot be heard within a mind that already knows the answer.  This was the biggest challenge and I accepted it.   Amazing gifts have been revealed through this process.

If you have chosen the mindset “life is happening for me”, then you are ready to become aware of thinking that is not in alignment with health and happiness.   Ask Divine Guidance to help make you aware of your thinking.

Pay attention to your body.  Your body is reacting to “your” thinking.  It is an amazing communication tool that will tell you exactly where the focus of your thoughts are.    You can “feel” the vibration.

 Do you feel constricted anywhere?  Are your shoulders or chest tight?  Are you wound up?

 Or, do you feel expansive?  Can you relax?  Can you be still? Can you breathe deeply and easily?

If your feelings are ignored long enough they will get your attention sooner or later by creating something you cannot ignore; drama and illness.

Breaking the habit of negative thinking begins with becoming aware of it.  Thoughts spoken inwardly or outwardly that contain “n’t” words; don’t, can’t, shouldn’t (you get the idea) are focusing your energy on what you don’t want.   Focusing on the “perceived” problem is also giving power to what you don’t want.  Do not include the word for what you “don’t want” in a thought or sentence.   How does this work?

Replace the thought “I want to lose weight” or “I don’t want cancer” with “I am so grateful for this perfectly balanced body”.   Or, “I am so grateful for a perfectly functioning immune system”.  (The optimally functioning immune system protects us from all disease).  The focus is off the weight and the cancer and on gratitude and health.  Gratitude is rocket fuel for manifesting our truest desires.

Pay attention to when you use I AM statements to affirm what you don’t want.  Example: Instead of saying, “I AM so exhausted”; say, “I AM unlimited energy”.   If you don’t want to be exhausted – don’t own it!

We do not have to go through years of therapy and remember every perceived wrong to break the broken record playing in the background of our mind or imprinted in our DNA.

One word has the power to cause a shift in vibration, just like one drop of water in the ocean creates a ripple.  Ripples become waves and waves shift the earth.   Word has the power to affect our cells and change our DNA.

What we feed our bodies affects our brain.

We have more mental illness than ever before.  What has changed the most in the last hundred years when it comes to our health?  Our food supply and the accepted belief that pharmaceuticals are a natural and inevitable part of aging.

Our brains are part of the physical body and are affected by what we ingest just like the rest of the body.  Dietary fat has long been considered the enemy.   Our brain organ is made up of mostly fat.   It makes sense the brain needs healthy fats to be healthy.  The low-fat diet consumed for years to stem heart disease made up for flavor with lots of toxic chemicals and sugar.  Alzheimer’s is now an epidemic.

Sometimes pharmaceuticals can be of temporary benefit in helping to break a cycle of thinking; however they are never a cure.   Drugs can bump the broken record and allow us to skip over a rough patch.  Drugs numb our feeling barometer.  All of our feelings are mandatory!  And, not just our emotions but also our physical feelings.  Remember, they tell us the vibration of our thoughts that create our experience.  They are our built-in guidance system.

Sometimes therapies that help us get “in touch” with our feelings can be very useful.   Equine therapy is an amazing tool.   You cannot lie to a horse!  We’ve been taught to suppress our feelings, “Big boys don’t cry”, etc.  Allowing our feelings to be felt is the first step to uncovering our most precious and natural in-born intuition; our “felt perception” (Thank you Michael Brown for that fabulous word!)

Feel your feelings, don’t stuff them and don’t wallow (adding more fuel to the energy of what you don’t want).  Feel it and ask “what is it for? What’s its story?”   Stuffed feelings will keep presenting themselves until you acknowledge them, just like a child will get your attention in any way that works until they have it.

You can eat and “think” yourself happy.  One word; thought or spoken has the power to raise the vibration of the body and mind to create a happy instant.   String a few together and the instant becomes a minute and then it becomes an hour.  Before you know it, you have broken the broken record!

Unhappiness is a habitual way of thinking based on past experience.

Create a new habit and Break the Broken Record!


Tis the Season…..For Allergies!


The “allergy” subject has come up for discussion several times over the last week or so.  We have entered what the world calls “Allergy Season”.   Which made me wonder when this became a label to describe our beautiful season of rebirth.  So I looked it up.

“Allergy” became a medical term at the end of the 1700’s.  This coincides with the birth of the Industrial Age; the industrialization of our transit system, food supply and the burning of fossil fuels for electricity began here.

An Interesting correlation appeared between the “upper class” and incidence of “seasonal allergies” in the 1700’s.  Could it be the “rich” diet (lots of meat, fat and sugar) consumed by the wealthy contributed to this prevalence?

Gout (caused by too much acid) was also labeled “The Rich Man’s Disease”.   The rich man’s” diet was acidic, creating a pH imbalance in the body that causes chronic, painful inflammation in the joints.  Gout is prevalent today.

In contrast, the rural middle class diet back then consisted of lots of farmed raised veggies and a lot less expensive meat.

Meat became a mealtime regular for the middle class when “farm subsidies” were introduced during the Great Depression to support the American farmer during that time of great struggle.  These subsidies never went away and now primarily support the meat and dairy industry.

The industrial age birthed many environmental toxins and the chemically based pharmaceutical industry.  “The modern pharmaceutical industry traces its origin to two sources: apothecaries that moved into wholesale production of drugs such as morphine, quinine, and strychnine in the middle of the 19th century and dye and chemical companies that established research labs and discovered medical applications for their products starting in the 1880s”.

By the time we get into the 1990’s allergies are common place.  Before 1980, peanut allergies were rare and unheard of.  Now this allergy is so common, peanut butter is not allowed in public schools and day cares.  This staple protein source has become the enemy along with other nutritious foods.

So what is this “Allergy Epidemic” today all about?
What is an allergy is and what it is saying..
The “school of thought” today suggests an allergy is over-active immune response to a substance or food. The body is “attacking itself”.

My intuition tells me this response happens when the body has come in contact with something it perceives as dangerous.   What the body cannot digest, use and eliminate through the normal digestive channels becomes a burden and the enemy.  It must be ejected from the body somehow.

To the compromised immune system what may be benevolent to many can become a serious problem.  Even “so-called” good foods can become the body’s enemy.

An allergy is the body’s way of communicating, My compromised immune system cannot deal with this right now”.  Anaphylactic shock is what happens when the message is not received and not heeded.

The body is not our enemy and the “allergen” is not the root of the problem.  Treating the symptom will not cure it.
The body is always doing the right thing to the best of its ability with what it has to work with.  And when it is under stress, it gets our attention.   The allergy and all symptoms of disease are sounding a loud message.

How does the immune system get so tired?
We wear out the body when what we eat and think is not in alignment with the vibration of health:

1). Our natural, organic bodies are not compatible with chemicals.

2). The body does not have a requirement for processed sugar (only naturally occurring sugars in natural, unprocessed food).

The average American consumes over 100 pounds of processed sugar a year.  (Read more about corn syrup below).  This overabundance of incompatible food is a major burden on the body and taxes every organ.

Over the last 100 years we have continually ingested and breathed more and more chemicals.   Chemicals and processed sugar have become an accepted and embraced part of the American diet.  They are in all processed foods not “certified organic or Non GMO”. They are fed to the “factory farmed” animals we eat (we eat what the animals eat).   They are in the water we drink and the medicines we take.  They are so prevalent it is impossible to avoid them.

Many pharmaceuticals actually work against our natural immune system. They suppress it.  Immunosuppressant drugs; cancer drugs, drugs to treat autoimmune disorders, corticosteroids used to treat allergy and asthma symptoms and antibiotics suppress the body’s natural immune system; our frontline defense to disease.  

3). Oftentimes the offender begins as a food intolerance that developes overtime into a full-blown allergy.   This happens when the body is overburdened with a food it doesn’t need and can’t digest.   An allergy can manifest at any time once the body has had enough.

4). We can have a predisposition to illness.  We pass down everything from the color of our eyes to the energy of stress.  With allergies, my intuition tells me this is rare.  For instance; my generation was not allergic to peanuts nor were our parents or grandparents.  It was unheard of. So we did not pass down this allergy.  (

Speaking of genetics. Just because we have a predisposition to something doesn’t mean it has to happen.  Our actions determine outcomes and also affect future generations.

 What we eat and think can pull the trigger or disarm a predisposition to a disease or allergy.
We can create a healthier future for our children and grandchildren by creating health for ourselves.

5). The link between chemically laden GMO foods and health issues is becoming more and more clear with time.   The chemical Glyphosate (in Round up) introduced by Monsanto in the 70’s is now linked to Celiac Disease and other Auto Immune Disorders.

This chemical destroys beneficial flora needed to effectively digest food in the gut and intestines. The body is unable to receive the nutrients it needs to support health and maintain a strong defense.  Without these beneficial bacteria the body becomes a breeding ground for non-beneficial bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Round-up ready corn (glyphosate) is used to make corn syrup and “high fructose corn syrup”.  This highly processed sugar in everything processed from “baby formula” to “so-called” health food (if not labeled GMO free or organic).  This popular formula is 53% corn syrup; .  Corn syrup is also solidly linked to diabetes and obesity.

The other top GMO (Genetically Engineered Foods) found in processed, fast foods and junk foods are soy, canola and sugar beets *.  Start checking labels for these ingredients to avoid toxins from pesticides.  (Note:  The label will not tell you the source of the sugar – see below).

Another good rule, if you don’t recognize an ingredient on a label it is probably a toxin and best avoided.

*“Since the mid-1990s, sugarcane has accounted for about 45 percent of the total sugar produced domestically, and sugar beets for about 55 percent of production”.   

The code words “Natural Flavors” don’t mean much.  Natural flavors can contain foods the body is sensitive to like dairy, animal products and MSG (monosodium glutamate).

In the United States, GMO foods are not labeled. More and more European countries are banning or require mandatory labeling of these products.

What is affecting our health is also affecting the health of the planet; “Scientists now believe at least some of the pesticides used on GMO crops play a major role in Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the ongoing demise of the honeybee colonies”.  Without the bees we cannot grow many crops.

You may be wondering how dangerous chemicals are allowed in our food supply and environment. This blog has these details and references;

6). Contributing to our allergy epidemic is this…We went through a time (my generation and my parents) when breast feeding became “out of fashion” and its benefits were not recognized.   We receive our mother’s immunity through breast milk.

The medical community now recognizes the importance of breastfeeding to the development of a healthy immune system.

7). It has also been accepted that “anti-bacterial” soaps and cleansers contribute to disease by not allowing the body to develop a healthy immune system.

A suppressed, tired and weak immune system is also unable to protect the body from opportunist bacteria, fungus and viruses.  People with allergies often suffer from other health challenges.

Fungus is also one of the leading causes of sinus infections and are often mistaken as allergy related or treated as a bacterial infection with antibiotics. The medical community does not have a good answer to this and many take fungus with them to the grave.

“Several drugs effective against fungal infections are available, but the structure and chemical makeup of fungi make them difficult to kill.”  (I know this first hand from my own experience with fungus.)  

Not only are antibiotics ineffective in treating fungus and viruses, they further cripple the immune system by killing off all “Good” bacteria along with the bad, making the body vunerable to more bugs.  Antibiotics should be used only when necessary.

8). Stress is the biggest contributor to allergies and all disease. What we think is more important than what we eat or genetics.   Stress is caused by fear.

“Fear is caused by living in your mind where the body cannot go – Into the painful past or the uncertain future.”
The present is all there is and it is a peaceful place to be.   You cannot worry and put your full focus on the present at the same time.  Try it… Put your full focus on taking the perfect picture.   Where is your mind?

We have learned that stress is inevitable and worry is a mandatory part of living.  We pass this down to our children.  Children in this generation have become over-burdened by the fast-paced, hectic world we have created.  Our educational system and extra- curricular demands leave very little room for children to be children.

Children not allowed to be children, rebel against what goes against their nature.  And, they become sick just like we do under stress.  Beautiful read…

So what is the solution?
The good news?  An optimally functioning immune system knows what to do with the stuff it doesn’t need.  It releases it.  When the body is out of balance it can’t do the job of processing, assimilation and elimination effectively.

The body stores toxic waste it cannot deal with in the safest place, far away from vital organs (in the fat cells) until they are full up and cannot store anymore.

When the toxic body runs into an allergen, toxin or food it cannot deal with it says, “No way Jose!  I can’t handle that right now – I’m too busy running interference.”

The body then goes into defense mode.  It fends off the offender by forcing it out through any opening it can; the nose, eyes and the skin.   I myself have sneezing attacks when I’ve consumed too much alcohol.  My body’s way of saying… “Whoa Nelly!”

To avoid allergies and to become disease resistant, the immune system must be supported and allowed to function optimally.   This starts with optimum balance.

Give the body what it needs to find its healthy balance and it will repair and restore its tired immune system.   Avoid what it doesn’t need; more chemicals and incompatible foods (foods it cannot digest).  Your body knows “exactly” what it needs and doesn’t at any given time and you can too.

You are not your body, however you are its keeper.

Any food the body cannot digest becomes a burden to the body – no matter how “so-called good” the food may be.    I’ve seen allergies and many symptoms of disease disappear in short order when the body is supported and allowed to do what it knows how to do; release toxins and repair itself.

Find a way to relieve stress.   Nature is a natural stress reliever.  Taking a quiet walk in nature by myself is my favorite way to unwind and become centered.   Yoga and meditative exercise like Tai Chi; along with a regular meditation practice (the practice of being present) are perfect ways to destress.

It doesn’t matter what you eat if your thoughts are not also in alignment with health.
DO NOT stuff your feelings.   Our emotions are powerful communicators.  They cannot deliver their message if they are not allowed a voice.  My favorite way to hear messages is “voice journaling” (Thank you Laura Quilligan).  I can hear the emotion in my voice that does not always transfer to the page.  

 Bottled-up emotions eventually lead to dis-ease.

Let children get plenty of child’s play in nature.  Allow them to express themselves without judgement.  Children are always trying to learn  or communicate something with their behavior.

Children learn at a very early age to stuff their feelings when they fear judgment.  They then grow into judgmental, sick adults who have learned to stuff their feelings.    I speak from experience…

Writing this newsletter and gathering the research has been a good exercise in confirming what intuition and revelation have uncovered for me over the years since Food Revelation was born…..

“There is an undeniable correlation between allergies and disease and what we eat and what we think”.  
If you are ready to kick your allergies to the curb, listen to your body, heed the messages;

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

All of Nature Supports Life – Even In Death

The Evolution of FREE Health

When the body’s natural balance is upset, life deteriorates; it becomes diseased – it decays.  When soil is out of balance it cannot sustain life.   When the ocean and seas are out of balance they cannot sustain life.

When life cannot be sustained, Mother Nature is very proficient at finishing off the dying process.  Her “clean-up team” consists of natural predators like other animals, fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Ever wonder way we don’t see more dead animals lying around? In death, these animals and plants go on to nourish other animals, plants and Mother Earth.

Have you ever wondered why an animal will abandon a sick baby or why a dying pet wants to be outside?  They instinctively understand this natural process.

Death is just part of a natural cycle – The Circle of Life.

We may have an expiration date, but we do not have to suffer years of painful…

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The Body IS NOT Our Enemy

obesity scale

The article below is the perfect lead-in for the “2nd Missing Link” to our current “Health Care Puzzle” –

“What We Eat & Think.  Most Importantly what we THINK.

 I wrote about the 1st link here: 

Not everyone’s perfect body fits into a “perceived” perfect  size.  A healthy, balanced body knows how to regulate all systems optimally and this includes weight.

What keeps us from optimum health (it comes in all sizes) is what we eat and “think”. Most importantly – what we THINK.

If our thoughts are not in alignment with health – health will elude even the most obsessive “health nut”. If you “think” or live in fear of gaining the weight back, I guarantee you will. I’m sure all of the contestants have lots of experience “losing & gaining” weight. Based on this past experience the fear of gaining weight may run deep.

Where our focus goes energy flows. Focus on weight loss is putting the focus on what you don’t want – weight gain.

If you want to keep the weight off – Lose the fear. Focus on health – not weight. If you eat what “your unique” body wants 80% of the time and keep your thoughts in alignment with health, the body will thrive and the weight will regulate – naturally.

We are the commander of our vessel – not the other way around.

Our body is ALWAYS doing the right thing with what it has to work with (what we give it). It is ALWAYS striving for life. It IS NOT THE ENEMY as the article above would have us believe.

All dis-ease and obesity is sending a message that the vibration (energy) of what we are eating or “thinking” (or both) is not in alignment (compatible) with the high vibration of health. Get the message and heal.

This NY Times article above is the perfect set-up for the next “medical condition” and the Pharmaceutical answer.

I’m disappointed in this fear-mongering article. It makes no mention of the most important and powerful element in creating health or disease “THE MIND”.


Voting Mindfully for Freedom & Peace

Elections 2016

We are at a crossroads in this country.  It is time for BIG change which means we have to take a hard look at what is NOT working and make new choices.   To find solutions that WORK we must be willing to think outside the box and THINK FOR OURSELVES.

We can no longer afford to let someone, some group or our government do the “thinking” for us.

Americans are really MAD and ready for change.  Anger is the most powerful, passionate energy and catalyst for change there is.  It is necessary and creates revolution that furthers human evolution.   This country is in a severe state of “dis-ease” and I’m not talking about just illness.  It is a collective “state of being”, physically and emotionally.   The very thing many are resistant to is the cure – change..

Nothing changes until we change our mind.

Republicans and democrats argue over control; too much control or not enough control. They are both right about one thing – We have a major control issue.  As the parties continue to argue the root issue remains hidden from view.

Our government, political process and media have become a puppet to a small minority of people holding the majority of the wealth in this country and beyond.

The only reason we have ever needed a government “governing” in the first place, is to protect ourselves from those who would seek to “control” us; remove our individual and collective right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   Greed is threatening our freedom.

The United States is now living under a form of socialism.

Definition of socialism according to Merriam-Webster: “A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies”.

What we now have is a society in which the government is owned and “controlled” by huge corporations and conglomerates rather than individual people and companies.

After watching 4 televised debates (2 democrat and 2 republican) it became apparent to me we are only going to hear what the party wants us to hear. In these public debates the candidates are not obligated to answer questions that are not asked. To make an educated vote we must research for ourselves the issues that are most important to us and pay close attention to who is legitimately addressing them and who is not.

Here are my top 14 issues (I tried to keep it to 10:).   These are issues you may not hear discussed if only listening to one side (and some, NO candidates are discussing):

#1 – In 2010 it became legal for campaigns to be funded by unlimited corporate and personal campaign contributions to super PACs (Political Action Committee).  If you don’t know what a super Pac is or how they work, here is a good place to start: 

The Question:  Do super PACs represent a “Conflict of Interest”?  If a candidate is not representing the corporate interest of the super PAC why would the super PAC be interested in financing the candidate’s campaign?

I believe this is the biggest issue.  It is a root issue and colors all decisions made by government; economic, defense, health care, social, environmental, and judicial.

#2 – The US became the sickest country out of the top 11 industrialized countries in the world in 2014. (

The Question:  How can we be so sick when we have the most expensive health care system in the world?

Connecting the dots: 

According to the health industry was once again the most profitable industry in the US in 2015.

In 2013 the FTC objected to a merger between Sysco & U.S. Foods arguing the combined company would “control” roughly 75% of the “foodservice marketplace”.   The food we “eat out” is effectively controlled by 2 companies.   The majority of Americans eat out A LOT.    This merger between the 2 was blocked in June of 2015.   Read all the details here:

Here is another interesting read:

And here:  “Today, just four large packing companies process 83% of cattle raised for beef in the United States.  Four others process 64% of the hogs.  In the early 1900s, when 5 firms controlled 66% of meatpacking, public outcry led Congress to pass the Packers and Stockyards Act, a law whose goal was to curtail the power of meatpackers by preventing them from manipulating prices and engaging in practices that discriminated unfairly against independent producers”.

Another Good Question:  How do huge conglomerates, wielding so much power and control over a nation’s food supply fit into a “Free Trade” democracy?  And, is it legal?

Main stream media controls our health in several ways.  The majority of advertisements are for drugs, health care and big food industries.

#3 –  There seems to be a huge conflict between what our government says is good for us and what the government supports with our tax dollars.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2013 recommends 45 grams of protein a today for the average female (with the exception of lactating or pregnant women) and 55 for the average male.

(I found this info initially on the CDC website in 2013.  I now get re-directed to the USDA when I try to access this info on the CDC website…interesting.   I located the data at the website above for this blog and since my original post this link has disappeared…even more interesting.)

If you follow the USDA dietary guidelines ( and you are a meat eater, you will have consumed about 88 grams of protein in a single day (most from acidic sources).  How does this happen? Many plant foods are also good sources of whole protein (just like meat).

6 ounces (recommended serving) of sirloin has more whole protein than some women need in a single day.

In 2015 the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled meat as a carcinogen.  The bulk of U.S. Department of Agriculture subsidies (our tax dollars) support the huge meat and dairy industry; along with the corn, soy and wheat industries.  Much of the subsidized grain crops feed the meat, dairy and egg industry.  “85% of all subsidies are received by the top 16% of farm households”* 

It seems this practice created to support farmers during the great depression no longer serves the small farmer and hasn’t for a long time.  Subsidy dollars artificially deflate retail prices on meat and dairy; supporting an already fat market that hugely contributes to America’s obesity and chronic disease epidemic.

Current subsidy practices create an environment where the small, local farmer growing essential health supporting crops cannot compete.

Have you ever wondered how a pound of hamburger meat can cost less than a pint of organic blueberries? Logically, it makes no sense.

Corn is the largest subsidized crop and is also grown to make high fructose corn syrup. This chemically modified sugar can be found in practically everything from sodas to baby formula and is solidly linked to chonic disease; obesity, diabetes and now heart disease.

*This is a good read with lots of backed-up research on the subject of government subsidies

  Agriculture subsidies are “controlling” our food supply.

 Question:    Do you feel government subsidies are in alignment with what is good for the health of Americans and if not, what would you do to change the current situation?

#4 – According to Hillary 33,000 deaths resulted from gun violence last year and yes this is tragic.  According to the statistics below we are losing more than 12 times that many to a cause that NO ONE is talking about.

The media has many running scared for vaccinations when a few people die of the flu.  We let ourselves be doused in toxins for fear of contracting Lyme disease.  Now we have Ebola and the Zika virus to fear.  FEAR SELLS.  What you didn’t hear mentioned in the debates from either side, are these mind bending statistics (on our government website):

According to the FDA (siting studies from the Institute of Medicine and Jama in 1998) over 100,000 people die annually from ADRs (Adverse drug reactions) making it the 4th leading cause of death in American.  (These are now classified as “unintentional injuries”).  Also reported in the same article, in January of 2000, from 44,000 to 98,000 deaths occur annually from medical errors. 

Note:  I haven’t found any more recent statistics on the FDA site since the one referenced in the FDA link above.

According to a study released in 2013 by the Journal of Patient Safety, deaths caused by medical error are more likely around 400,000 and is now the 3rd leading cause of death More than cancer and heart disease.,_Evidence_based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspx

More here:

Question:  It seems not only is our health care system not affording us good health, it is detrimental to our health and life.  Why do you believe are our government and media are silent on this deadly issue?

#5 – The U.S. still has 33 to 48 million people without health care (depending on who you listen to).   The “Affordable Care Act” has not accomplished what it set out to do and for many insurance became less than affordable.

 Question: Do you believe health care should be a privilege and a right as a US citizen.  And if so, what is your plan to provide and pay for it?

No matter the answer, the demand for health care would plummet if our health care system was focused on “health”.  The solution to our health care crisis is to get healthy.  As long as this huge conflict of interest exist between what is good for our health and what is good for the health care industry’s shareholders we will have an industry focused on “sick care”.

#6 – Not every candidate is talking about the major issue of corporate tax loopholes that allow huge U.S. corporations to avoid paying income tax (billions of dollars) while small business and the middle class wage earners foot the bulk of the tax bill.

Donald Trump boasted in the first presidential debate that avoiding paying taxes, “Makes him smart”.

Can you imagine what we could do with the billions of sheltered tax dollars?

Question:  Should large profitable corporations and billionaires be legally allowed to avoid paying income tax?

#7 – A fair minimum wage has been an issue for a long long time.

People complain about our tax dollars going to fund welfare programs.  If minimum wage had kept up with inflation (as “cost of living” raises do) we would need a lot less welfare.

The national minimum wage has increased only by $2.10 since 1997 (almost 20 years).  The $5.15 minimum wage went unchanged from 1997 to 2007 – 10 years without an increase!  I wonder how many employees would stay with a company for 10 years without a raise?

Question:  Do you feel someone willing to work full-time in this country should earn a “living” wage?

#8 –  The sky rocketing cost of college is a huge financial drain on families and leave many graduates with debt that may take decades to pay.   Is this really necessary?  There are many important jobs in this country that do not require a college degree. For those who desire one, the internet and experience can provide one at NO COST.

Do we really need to go into debt to learn?  If you can pass the test and do the work, shouldn’t that be enough? Has our worth in life come down to a college degree?  It wasn’t so long ago when anyone could climb the corporate ladder on merit and create a rich life.

Question:  Do you feel every American citizen should earn a college degree to be worthy of a living wage?  And, how do you propose to pay for it?

#9 – Social Security is always a hot topic.  It has been proposed that raising the retirement age to 70 is a good idea because people are living longer.  Heaven forbid we should live long enough to collect what we have paid in.   We may be living longer, however many seniors, due to chronic disease today are not healthy enough to work and have no retirement beyond social security.  Many have lost their life’s savings and pensions due to economic crisis and corporate downsizing.

Our elderly are suffering physically and financially.  Those that can work are discouraged from earning “too much” money.  As of 1983 seniors started paying income tax on social security benefits if earnings and SS totaled more than $25K.  Not a lot of money by any standard.   The social security program was originally designed to be income tax free.

We have been giving our money over to a retirement system that is not taking care of our seniors and gets farther and farther out of reach for future retirees.  As it stands today many seniors can’t afford the basics of life.

Question:  What would you do to bolster the current system and insure Americans receive the benefits paid in while they still have retirement years left?

#10 – The U.S. leads the world in incarcerations – even more than communist China.  How does this happen when the population of China was 1.357 billion in 2013 compared to the  U.S. at 318.9 million in 2014 (huge difference)?    Bernie Sanders mentioned this disturbing fact, but he left this out:  How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about

Question:  Should “for profit” corporations be allowed to influence our legal and prison system?

#11 – Mental illness in regards to service veterans and mass shootings came up during the republican and democratic debates over the issue of “gun control”.   I agree with the republicans but not for the obvious reason.  Disarming people again is not addressing the “root” of the problem.

There is a complete disconnect between “mental” illness and other “physical” illness. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten the brain is part of the physical body and is affected by food and toxins just like the rest of the body.  

 Mental health issues are at epidemic proportions along with all chronic disease.  

 Question:  What would you do if you are elected to restore the physical and mental health of Americans?

#12 – Those resistant to the idea of climate change are resistant to change, period.  A handful of huge corporations making huge profits on fossil fuels have the bucks to influence Washington.  We can no longer deny we must come up with cleaner, sustainable alternatives that bring back balance to our planet.  Our future literally depends on it.

The huge meat and dairy industry is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gases, water waste and contamination.

Question:  Do you believe clean, sustainable energy and sustainable farming is a goal we must realize if our children and future generations are to have clean air to breathe, clean nutritous food to eat and clean water to drink?

#13 – The option of “straight ticket voting” is a big issue for me.  I call this the “lazy man vote”.  I was guilty.  Many children are brought up to vote “party”.  As I have become more responsible for my life, this doesn’t work for me anymore.  Not only does it seem lazy – it is irresponsible.  Of course, if we did not still have a 2 party system this would be a moot point.

If you are going to vote shouldn’t you at least have to think?  Taking this option out alone would solve the issue of voter manipulation of those not mentally competent to vote either by handicap or ignorance.

Question: Does straight ticket voting have a place in a free election process?

#14 – Obama promised if elected (the first time) he would make sure Genetically Engineered food (GMOs) would have mandatory labeling.  This didn’t happen.   Monsanto has been protected by our government even as the American people have spoken very loudly on this issue.

“A total of 19 EU countries have “opted out” of growing genetically modified (GMOs) crops within all or part of their territories. “Many of EU countries have strict laws against GMOs out of public health and environmental concerns, and all 28 European nations require GMO labeling“.

Question:   U.S. companies must label GMOs to sell their products in Europe.  Do you believe Americans should have the same right to know what they are eating?

You might have noticed defense did not come up in my top 14.  I’m not big on war.  I believe all war is a result of people trying to control people or the money.  The U.S. has only been at peace for 21 years Total since its birth.  Apparently, war is not the answer; however it is good for the economy.

What we resist persist.  War is resistance to peace. As long as we live in resistance we will need a defense.  I absolutely believe we should honor and respect the brave souls defending our country with as much support as they need on and off the battle field.

The real solution to any problem is always found at the root. Greed and control is at root of all the issues addressed above.  We will find solutions when we elect and whole-heartily support those interested in exposing the root instead of covering it up.

All of the events in the world are serving as a “wake up” call and the knocking has become very loud.  We are waking up to the realization America is out of alignment with Truth.  The truth that we all exist within an Abundant Universe and are connected to all of creation.  Like all other big wake up calls in history, I have faith as a country we will awaken and make the changes necessary to reach the next stage of our evolution – Peace.

Voting Mindfully Tips:

  • Be willing to change your mind when something does not resonates with your truth; your conscience. Just because something was true before doesn’t necessarily make it true today. For instance; women once were considered incompetent to vote and at one time owning people (slaves) was considered perfectly fine.
  • Do your homework. You can’t believe everything you hear.  This means listening to all candidates on all sides and seeking out the truth.  Different media outlets and “fact checking” websites will have different variations of truth.   In the end you will resonate with what is true for you.
  • Determine what issues are most important to you. Listen carefully to all sides to determine how important they are to the candidates.
  • Resist listening to media “opinion”, biased opinion or interpretations of the debates.  Form your own opinion; be a “free thinker”.  We give up our rights and can run right off a cliff when blindly following the leader or popular opinion.  It has happened before.
  • When in doubt, go with your gut. We have a natural “bullshit” barometer built in.  When we learn how to really use this gift, lying will be obsolete.
  • Once you have made your decisions, it is important to ask one more question. Does this person I would like to see elected have a snowball’s chance in hell?  If we cast our vote for the person with no chance, we give our vote to the opposition.  Vote for the person most in alignment with your truths that has a decent chance of winning.   If we do this with every election big and small, eventually we will have a country again for the people, by the people.



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