Man’s Attempt to Duplicate Nature is a Big Fail!

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It has come up to me several times over the course of the past year that “something is missing” with GMO produce, and “hydroponic” grown produce.  Some science tells us there is no difference between what Mother Nature creates and what man creates.   What’s the missing link?  Mother Nature’s miraculous influence.  We do not know exactly every detail that is necessary in designing a food source that is perfectly compatible to the human body, but Mother Nature does.   Being able to intuitively test the vibration of different foods and the compatibility to the body, it’s become apparent to me that just because man can mimic nature and nutrients in food, without Mother Nature’s touch the body doesn’t recognize the food as compatible.  It makes logical sense the natural organic human body and any animal or plant for that matter requires a natural organic food source to thrive.  This food source is provided by Mother Nature.   The Kingdom of Earth cannot survive without Her.   The world is not getting healthier as a result of all the technology designed to “bypass” nature.  Our survival on Earth depends on working WITH Mother Nature not against her to restore our natural balance and state of well-being.  Good Food for Thought..

CAFOs Workers Suffer From PTSD

What was not addressed in this article is the psychological effect to the factory worker.  Can you imagine taking part daily in the pain and suffering of any being and it not having an effect on how you view life and the world?  We know that soldiers experience PTSD as a result of being in the battlefield, taking part and bearing witness to the atrocities of war.  The atrocities experienced in large CAFO operations must have a similar effect. (  Factory farming as it exist today is a secretive, cruel industry that is taking a toll on our planet and our health.   And, it is just not necessary.  Government subsidies, advertising and greed have created a huge industry whose only interest is profit.  (  Logic should tell us a pound a hamburger should cost more than a pint of blueberries.   Good Food For Thought…

“How Big Pharm Makes Doctors Into Drug Pushers”

If you have ever wondered why prescription drugs are so expensive in this country compared to other countries, here is a very entertaining, funny explanation on a not so funny subject.  THIS IS A MUST WATCH!  Here are the highlights:  The Pharmaceutical industry spends more money on marketing than research.   Doctors hold the “purse strings” so most of the marketing dollars are spent on selling the doctor on prescribing the drug.  Have you noticed every drug commercial ends with, “Ask Your Doctor”?  Do you think this marketing and the allure of money creates a conflict of interest?  Can we be sure our doctor is prescribing drugs we need or the ones that create more income and “perks”?  Good Food For Thought..

FYI – The US and New Zealand are the only 2 countries where “Direct to Consumer” marketing of pharmaceutical drugs is legal.  And, “Oncology” is the only medical specialty that allows the doctor to actually make a profit on a drug directly (chemotherapy).  Read about this here at The Journal of Clinic Oncology and in the NY Times.

Man Made Vs Nature Made..

Is it possible this genetically modified version of our “symbol of health” will not be fully recognized by our bodies?  It makes sense to me that nature supplies what the natural, organic human body needs for health and maintenance.  Nature and the human animal are co-dependent.   I’m not convinced man can duplicate this natural, complimentary process.  Does science really understand the miracle of life and nature? Science says the nutrients in the GMO products and organic products are the same, but that doesn’t mean our bodies can use them. Can science really decode the conversation between our natural food source and our natural bodies?  We’ve seen what happens to synthetic vitamins – They end up the sewer system, undigested.  We know our bodies are so unique, they are not compatible with foreign substances placed in the body and will even reject a perfectly good organ.  Our bodies rebel against bacteria, viruses, bugs. etc.  I for one, believe all the chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, modified and processed foods are taking their toll on public health simply because they are NOT compatible to the miracle that is our natural, organic body.  Food For Thought….

Creating Health in 2015

What an amazing year it has been! Food Revelation launched “Food Is Talking” and “Food Compatibility Testing 101″ workshops were created and are going strong. The books are on the way. I am so grateful to be living and extending my passion and purpose! My passion is Food – My purpose is empowering others to empower themselves. The message is spreading like wild-fire and being embraced – “We Are What We Eat & Think”! This quote has made the rounds a lot lately, “Happiness is an Inside Job”. So is Health!

Our state of health is hugely dependent upon the quality of food we provide these bodies. We have tried to maintain them on chemicals and it has not worked. If chemicals were the answer to illness, then the people taking the most prescriptions and eating the most chemicals would be the healthiest. We now know this absolutely is not the case. Conclusion… chemicals are not compatible to the human body. The farther away we get from our natural diets, the more medicine we take the sicker we become. Collectively we’ve forgotten what food is for, which is understandable, given what we’ve been taught and accepted as truth up to now. Truth is always changing. Fact doesn’t. For example; “The earth is flat” was a truth. “The earth is round” is a fact. We cannot escape the fact our organic, natural bodies require organic, natural food. Food is more than something to be savored and enjoyed; it fuels our energy stores and maintains our health. The connection between what we eat and our health cannot be severed.

The light bulb went off in my mind this year and illuminated this new idea: What we “think” is just as important to our health as what we eat. We create with our minds what we experience in our world. We are made in the image of our Creator (call it God, Source, etc.) and so we ARE creators. This Source energy given us by our Creator creates all form and experience and is limitless, inexhaustible and constant. This constant energy only changes form as we create with our “free will”. Our creations; every invention, technology, belief system, etc. started with a thought, an idea. It is our minds, fueled by infinite Source that continue the evolution of the human experience on this planet. It is our minds that created this epidemic of chronic disease that is running rampant in our world today. It is our strong belief (a “thought” we accepted as truth), that illness is a natural state of aging or is inescapable because of genetics. This collective belief has fueled the “evolution of illness” and created one of the largest industries in the world – Healthcare or better said “Sick Care”. We have come to believe no matter what we do, we will eventually require medicine (chemicals) to maintain a gradually declining quality of life. As Mike Dooley has so famously coined, “Thoughts Become Things” and so they have. To change the reality we have created, we only need create a new one. So what will we create in 2015?

This “light bulb moment” in 2013 has not only changed my life, but many others in 2014; “NO ONE Good food is Good for every “body” all the time”. Our bodies are unique. Our DNA is unique. Every creation on this planet is unique. That must also mean that not one good supplement, one good diet, one good healing facilitator, doctor or medical protocol is right for everyone. Each body has different nutrient requirements that change constantly depending on our physical and mental state of health. Even our spiritual health has an effect on the body. The more evolved a being is spiritually, the less affected the body and mind is by the world. Our nutritional needs are also influenced by what we ate yesterday or last week; for instance, if you consumed 4 cups of spinach yesterday, chances are you will not need the nutrients provided by spinach today. Variety IS the spice of life for us humans! With that being said, there also is NO ONE “so-called” bad food that is bad for every “body” all the time. Some bodies are very compatible with “so-called” bad foods like; chocolate, caffeine, wine, meat, grains, dairy, etc. Even the severely judged sweet indulgence is appropriate from time to time. For example; when a clean, toxic free body craves something it may not normally eat, like a sugary sweet, the body could be needing something acidic to chase off a bacteria. It’s not about “Good or Bad”, it never was; it is only about “Compatibility”. Can you hear the non-judgment in that?

We have the inborn ability to know what is compatible and highly compatible to our bodies at any given time. If we can release all the clutter in the body (toxins) so we can receive clear communication; leave our judgment behind (get our minds out-of-the-way); and change belief systems that no longer serve us or our bodies; we can allow our bodies to do what they know how to do, heal themselves. Illness or wellness is not just a physical state, it is also a state of mind. No diet will bring lasting health to a body where a mind stays focused on illness. Where your focus goes, energy flows. Thinking healthy, loving thoughts about your body and the food you are providing it and striving for food compatibility are crucial keys to good health! They can work independently, but are most powerful when combined.

You might be asking now, “What makes any food, so-called “good” or “bad” incompatible to the body? Foods can become incompatible for various reasons; #1 digestive distress (the body cannot digest the food). The body has no use for a food it cannot digest or assimilate. Or #2 the body’s requirement for that nutrient profile is already met for the time being. Or #3 a true allergy or intolerance exist. Any incompatible food can eventually become a sensitivity, allergy or intolerance if over consumed (moderation and variety is key). Rarely are we born with an allergy; they develop over time as we continue to consume foods the body does not need for whatever reason. On the other hand, highly compatible foods are balancing and corrective to the body. Knowing what these foods are and eating more of them can correct conditions before they present with symptoms and escalate.

It’s OUR job to know what our unique bodies need and don’t at any given time. Only WE can create balance and health in our bodies. The lower animals do not judge their food good or bad and in the wild they eat intuitively and know what their body needs and what their natural diet is. If given a choice they will only eat a chemical free, natural diet. Of course, thanks to man they are not always given that choice. Many of our pets suffer from ailments just like us that are directly related to the over consumption of an unnatural diet. Not only are we also born with the intuition to know what to eat, humans have the ability to adapt to our environment and food supply. Lower animals constantly become extinct as their natural food supply and habitat is exhausted. The human animal on the other hand, can adapt to a variety of diets and environments and we have over the ages. Our ideal diet may change and evolve but one thing is still true, Mother Nature provides the most compatible source of food for all animals.

Another “ding ding” this year. As we evolve, which is what we are constantly doing, our nutritional needs are also changing. I believe (based on what my client’s highly compatible foods are telling me) we are collectively evolving into vegetarians and vegans, naturally. The explosive momentum the vegetarian/vegan movement has gained over the last decade is confirmation. It is becoming clear our survival on this planet will depend our collective decision to embrace more loving, respectful, “greener” way of living and eating. Not only is the innate cruelty involved in the mass production of meat “factory farming” making its way into the light, we are starting to realize raising massive amounts of animals just for food is not sustainable and mysteriously, our bodies are following suit….unconsciously. Clients are often not surprised to hear they are not highly compatible or even compatible with meat and they will exclaim, “So that’s why I can take it or leave it” or it simply does not appeal to them anymore. Sometimes the incompatibility is a symptom of too much acid in the body (all meat is acidic). Many bodies still require some nutrients only animals can provide. This becomes obvious when some clients test highly compatible for meat or any animal product. And, I’m sure the human body has many nutrient requirements that science simply is not aware of, that can only be supplied by nature in its many forms as plant or animal. Evolution is a slow process, and through it, we can be kind to all animals, including the human one by being an informed consumer and striving form cruelty free choices.

2015 is bringing with it a powerful shift in perceptions. How we perceive our food and our bodies is one of many. What we think (our unique perception), followed by the action we take, affects the collective mind. Has we improve our own state of health, we are improving the world. We are one, just like a wave is part of the ocean. Each ripple effects the ocean. As we remember how to heal our bodies, we remember how to heal the world. It is eating for compatibility (without judgment) that allows our bodies to heal naturally. The world will naturally heal as we leave judgment behind and remember who we are: We ARE one, We ARE the change – So BE IT!

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Waging War On Hate…..

I interpret Jesus’s message to be one of unconditional love (love without judgment). ” Jesus famously said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. It seems we are still missing the mark.
(definition of sin)….

I say “WE”, because the other message I got from Jesus’s teachings is “we are one”. There are no private thoughts; every action starts with thought and every thought effects the whole. If you want peace, be peaceful, if you want love, be loving, if you what abundance, give abundantly – if you want hate, be hateful, if you want fear, be fearful, if you want war, wage war, etc. Whatever you want to change, be that.

We can find solutions if we can stop the judgment and open our mind to new ideas. The definition of insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein. War is insane. It has never solved one single conflict.

Does that mean we don’t protect ourselves from harm? NO! We have a duty to protect life. It just means, we do it without judgment. It means we realize that everyone has a right to their believes which may be different than our own. That each has a journey and it might be different from my journey. It means to stop confusing fact with opinion. We really cannot know what anything is for from our limited human perspective. At the root of all conflict is the need to be right at all cost.

What we as humans perceive as right and wrong is always changing. You can look at history to know this is indeed FACT! The only thing we can count on in this world is CHANGE. What doesn’t change is TRUTH. Jesus taught Truth; unconditional love and oneness. Seems so simple to end war, end hunger, end crime, end everything that does not resemble love. It is simple, start being the change with every thought. Ask yourself, “Is this thought extending love or promoting hate?” If it doesn’t agree with “love”, then change it. Be the observer and master of your thoughts rather than being a slave to them.

Instead of creating a war on crime, drugs, terrorism, etc. how about we create a war on hate – Acting out of love and compassion as if ALL LIFE MATTERED. Now that’s what I call a new idea!

When It Comes To Food – Its Not About Good or Bad – It’s About Compatible…

Okay – Here’s my 2 cents or more:) I do something called “Food Compatibility Testing”. It’s an intuitive gift. Something I now teach others how to develop and use on their own. Through this process it has become very clear how different each and every “body” is, which shouldn’t be a surprise since our DNA is completely unique. Our nutritional needs change constantly depending on our physical, mental and spiritual health; even on what we ate the day before. Not one good food is good for everybody all the time; Not one good diet, not one good supplement, etc. After testing a load of people over the last year, it’s apparent that becoming a fully evolved vegan is a process. Eating meat is embedded in the human DNA from generations of meat consumption. Changing DNA is not something that happens overnight. It needs to be done gradually.

I became very curious about how many vegans had totally evolved vegan bodies and testing all the vegan athletes from the Winter Olympic Games this year. Out of the 10 I tested, only 4 were fully evolved. That means, either they are eating animal products on the sly or their body has a deficiency that can only be met by an animal. Does this mean an animal has to die – NO! The good news, this evolution is happening fast and even unconsciously. Some of my clients were surprised they had made the vegetarian Shift. I often hear after a session, “Wow – That’s why I just stopped wanting meat”. These are people without any concept of what a CAFO is. We have moved into a higher vibration and our bodies want to become lighter to ascend into this lighter energy. Animal protein is heavier than plant protein. Everyone can get along very well on a vegetarian diet now, which allows for cruelty free animal choices if one is inclined to look for them. For instance, local farm fresh eggs, yogurt, butter and cheese from animals raised humanly and lovingly will lovingly give back to us. I have neighbors with beloved chickens and goats. With our inborn intuition, we can learn how to test for cruelty free, GMO free, pesticide free, freshness, etc. When it comes to food, it is not about what is good or bad only what is compatible to our bodies. Can you feel the non-judgment in that?

First and foremost we should be loving towards ourselves and take the best care of our bodies. We cannot love anyone or anything without first loving ourselves. That means giving our body the nutrition it needs for optimum health, whatever that is and do it in a loving non-judgmental way. Judgment will not help any cause. We will always be judged by how we judge others. What I am talking about here is not a conflict of interest. Every being has the right to life, health and happiness. We can take care of ourselves and still insure this right.

On another note, let’s talk about balance. The over consumption of animal products has caused a major pH imbalance in this country which has led to chronic health issues in this country and others. All things happen for a reason. Every challenge we face is knocking on our door of awareness. As we become awakened and aware so does the world. If we can approach this collective experience in a non-judgmental fashion we can heal a nation, we can heal the world. If you want to know more, or would like to know if you are a fully evolved vegan, send me a message. Peace…

Cancer For Profit – Big, BIG Industry! Did I say BIG INDUSTRY!

This Dr. Mercola Article is an eye-opener and well worth the read!

It’s time for us to do our own research and stop believing everything the medical and pharmaceutical companies tell us. We can no longer afford to give up responsibility for our health to the monstrous, profit driven health care industry WE have created. Medicine is not designed to cure illness. It treats symptoms, very seldom if ever getting at the root cause. And why would this huge industry which represents almost 20% of the GDP, be interested in a cure? This is big, big, BIG business folks. When every other commercial on T.V. is for a drug and one common side effect of most of these drugs is death, it’s pretty obvious our health is not top priority. What happened to the “Hippocratic Oath” – Do NO Harm. When drugs are advertised and peddled to doctors with incentives to prescribe, you have to know there is a HUGE conflict of interest going on.

You can’t blame the doctors either. Doctors have learned from a system that is broken and they paid a lot of money to learn this broken system. Pharmaceutical companies fund medical schools and spend huge dollars lobbying our government. Most doctors in this country receive less than 20 hours of nutrition study and only 25% of medical schools have required courses in nutrition. How did this happen? When money became more important than health and we started looking outside of ourselves for solutions to our own health.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that good health starts with nutrition. The body is designed to heal itself, it only needs the right set of nutrients. Talk to most oncologist treating cancers with chemo and you will be shocked to hear things like “it doesn’t matter what you eat – Eat anything you want as long as you eat”, while chemo courses through the body destroying everything in it’s wake. That makes no sense! It makes much more sense to nourish the body so it can go about it’s job of healing.

I’m so excited to see more studies being brought forth and making headlines. Truth will eventually change this industry. It’s happening. Keep spreading the word.

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Plant Protein verse Animal & Comparing Apples to Apples

Check it out..

This is a little misleading, but makes a good point.  You would have to eat 4 cups of raw broccoli (100 calories) to equal the protein in less than 2 ounces of sirlion steak (100 calories).There are are many good plant sources of protein; kale, spinach, asparagus, potatoes, lentils (17 grams per cup) to name a few.  Protein from animals is very dense and concentrated, making it very easy to get more protein than you need, which creates to much acid in the body that leads to inflammation and eventually disease.  A little goes a long way.  With the exception of cottage cheese and yogurt all animal sourced protein is acidic.

 Lots of variety is key to the vegan diet lifestyle as with any diet.  If you are interested in learning more about replacing meat protein with vegetable protein, I recommend doing your research.  Visit PCRM, The Blissful Chef, VegWeb, Brendan Brazier, Julieanna Hever for lots of great, helpful information on how to convert healthfully…


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Organic food isn’t cleaner and isn’t toxin-free

All I can say is the root of this issue is not addressed and I would love to see all the research: 1st – Our organic human bodies are not compatible with man-made chemicals and GM food. The more man-made our food supply becomes the sicker we become. Just compare chronic illness to other countries who consume real food. 2nd – If you have ever seen an ariel photo of a factory farming facility then you know the statement about runoff makes no sense! And, 3rd – the article doesn’t address the greenhouse gases produced by factory farm meat or 4th – The pollution caused by the transport around the world of all this chemically laden produce and meat. Or 5th, by the time it makes it to your local grocer, it is nutritionally bankrupt (time equals loss of nutrients).

Local organic, sustainable farming is the cure for disease and our environment. We have a huge conflict of interest in this country. Profits are more important than people and health. I’m disappointed in this poorly researched article. This is why I don’t read the News anymore. Sent to me by a friend who knows…

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