Our Physical Body – Friend or Enemy?

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lady in grass_free_smallerWhat I see in my practice as a divinely guided energy healer and spiritual hypnotist is our true spiritual nature. My conclusion: We are energetic beings of light with an eternal soul. So, if this is what we really are, why are we standing here today with a physical earth body? This physical body appears on the surface to hinder our ability to express ourselves in this world. It is fragile and gets tired. It is susceptible to pain, disease, and addictions.

Our body has an important role to play in our spiritual development and life purpose. A divine wisdom is behind its’ creation. Not only is this body a vehicle for our spirit, but it is also a communication and processing tool. Every body part down to the DNA holds important messages and stories. Every event in which our body participates gives us opportunities to grow as spiritual beings…

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The Evolution of FREE Health (Preface)

 “A CRUCIAL piece of the “Health Puzzle” has been missing from Every diet plan, Every fitness plan, and Every healing modality.”

It is why nothing EVER works for EVERY “BODY” all of the time.  Within these pages is the “missing link”.  It’s a simple and totally life transforming piece that completes the puzzle.

Hint:  “What is accepted as true is always changing”.  All you need to do is look at history to know this is true.  Higher Truth never changes.  It is as constant as the energy that makes up the human body and all of creation.   This Truth does not come from the human brain, but through it.

In this book (the first in a series), is what I have come to know as Truth. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined 4 years ago, I would be writing this book.  Much of the information in these pages was not “learned”, it became “known”.  My human brain argued with writing this book.  My ego said, “Where’s your qualifications?”, “Who are You?”  TRUTH needs no qualifications, justifications or defense – it just IS.

Contained here is information that will revolutionize the current health care system.  If this resonates with you, then YOU could very well be on the road to FREEDOM from chronic illness and its debilitating, life robbing pain by the time you finish reading this book.

All Truth passes through 3 stages. 

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as Truth. – Arthur Schopenhauer

As our awareness increases our consciousness rises and we are becoming more and more aware of our natural nature – Spirit (energy).  We are energy in the form of matter.  As a matter of fact we are very little matter. Today scientists know the human body is about 98% energy and 2% matter and about 60-70% of that is water.

The little bit of matter that is the physical body is constantly changing as is the world.  The body is repairing and regenerating itself OR it is in a state of decay, but it never stands still.  It is governed by the laws of nature like all creatures on our planet.

The 98% that is energy is not bound by the laws of nature. We are connected to a constant and “never changing” Source Energy.  “There is a way to be in this world and not of it”.  Does that sound familiar?  We are not our body.  We are Spirit having a “human” experience.   From our birth into form we have been returning to this True state – our energetic Spirit Self.

“The Universe has been called the Great Trinity, or Triune Unity of Spirit, Soul and Body – The Body being the result, the effect, the objectification of Spirit.”  – The Science of the Mind.

This book is about creating FREE Health by embracing the laws of nature and by accessing the Higher Knowledge that has always been available to us.

We have been placed on this earth with the perfect body for our journey (sometimes we arrive sick or “seemingly” imperfect – and that’s perfect too).  We have been provided with the perfect toolkit and fuel for maintenance and repair of these magnificent bodies.   And, it comes from one of the greatest pleasures on earth – FOOD!   Real Food! “Man-made” modification is NOT required.  It is perfectly created by Mother Nature to be perfectly compatible to the human body and all other animals and creatures.

Along this journey of awakening to our True Self, we are individually and collectively becoming aware that chronic illness is not natural. It is a man-made creation (a creation of the human brain).

Spirit knows NO pain and suffering. 

We are now seeking and finding solutions that resonate with Spirit and with Mother Nature.  This book is one of those solutions.

We have the ability to know what foods are perfect for our unique, ever-changing, one-of-kind, physical body.  We were born with it.  Combine this Knowledge and Mother Nature’s bounty with the high vibration of happiness; and health becomes inevitable.

We may have an expiration date in the flesh, but we DO NOT have to suffer with chronic illness.

Health is not only obtainable; it is our God-given right.  Just like happiness is FREE; and an “inside job”- SO IS HEALTH!   Health is natural, illness IS NOT.  

If we are sick, we created it along with lots of other “shitty looking” stuff, either in this lifetime or another.  And, we created it for a good reason.  My life has taught me every creation works together for Good.  It’s my life experience that has brought me here and IT IS GOOD.

I have faith all of Life is conspiring in our favor even if we can’t see that from our limited human perspective.  Illness is no exception.  Could it be this is what Jesus meant when he instructed, “Be grateful in all things?”

Illness is a learning curve and part of the curve is accepting responsibility for our creations.  Life’s curriculum has required subjects.  We can learn the easy way or the hard way.  It’s up to us – OUR FREE WILL.

All lessons are only “knocking on Heaven’s door”; the door to the awareness of our higher Self.  It may seem that some need lite knocks, some need hard ones and some are hitting the snooze button, but “everyone” will eventually open the door in perfect timing.  What’s on the other side?  HEAVEN!

Life is a classroom.  If we can learn what illness is teaching us, apply the lessons – we can heal our body.

When we take the leap into being responsible for our health and life, we are no longer “a victim of circumstance” or chance.  We are powerful creators. From here we are empowered to create whatever we want.  If we can create illness, we can just as easily create wellness.

It starts with getting our human brain out of the way and learning to listen to our bodies again.  The body tells us everything about itself and delivers important physical and spiritual messages.

This realization was reaffirmed not long ago after I found myself in tears over not being able to figure out how to convert a PDF file into a Jpeg file.

It’s our human brain that causes us so much pain.

 After punishing myself for about an hour, I got up, went outside to breathe in a little nature (this always calms me) and took notice of all the nature around me. I noticed with a smile of recognition the squirrels, the rabbits and the birds we all playing, running, jumping, flying, soaring, chattering, chirping and just having a grand ole time.

These critters were not one bit worried about being right, being wrong, being late, or sending the kids to college or terrorist attacks, global warming, or getting fat or sick or computer stuff.  They are not worried about what to eat – THEY KNOW!  They are BEING who they are “Spirit in form”.  It’s all they KNOW.

As adults we forget how to live in the energy of this peaceful, playful place.  This is where small children live until they are taught by the world how to “think”. The capacity our human brain has for “thinking” and problem solving has served us very well.  Every thought, every idea has propelled us into amazing industrial and technological advances that have drastically improved our lifestyles.

We have also created a lot of pain.  For example; we have become one of the sickest nations on earth.

All creation starts with a thought “form”.   All creation is evolution. All evolution serves a “Higher Purpose” and when that purpose has been realized we are ready to create anew; to create “better”.  We have now embarked upon a stage of evolution where we are able to become fully aware of our true Self; the Self that does not think – The Self that just “knows” and “is always”.

Evolution is the drawing out of God within us”.  – Emma Curtis Hopkins

Our true Self is a child of Source (a thought of God if you like) and knows only love and has access to all Knowledge.  Call it God Knowledge, Source Knowledge, Divine Knowledge – It doesn’t matter what you call it.  This Knowledge is not learned – IT JUST IS.

If we are energy, there must be knowledge beyond the human brain.

-Ernest Holmes says it like this:

 “The mind that we discover within us is the Mind that governs everything”

Beautiful creations are being birthed from this boundless vantage point.   The “Evolution of FREE Health” is just one.  It is a magical time to be living on planet Earth.

With this new awareness we are realizing, we are not 3 dimensional beings relying only on what we can see, taste, touch and hear.  Other dimensions are showing themselves and Higher Knowledge is being revealed.

In these other dimensions our other senses start popping in.  We re-discover our intuition (also forgotten as we grew into the ways of the world).

It starts to become clear from this viewpoint that all of life “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” is our teacher not our enemy.   We are not at the mercy of karma or bad genes.  Our thoughts and actions govern every thing. Whew! What a relief!

“Cause and Effect” simply becomes the chalkboard on which we workout Higher Solutions. 

We understand there is not only a physical “root” to all perceived problems but also a higher “Spiritual” lesson being presented. Treating “effects” (symptoms) no longer makes any sense.   We are in search of the root where all resolution is found.

We start “feeling” more and thinking less. We begin making “heart-centered” decisions that result in solutions based in “Unconditional Love” (love without condition).  This is the dimension we are now realizing and from here there is NO limit to the JOY we can create.

“God builds his temple in the heart.” – Emerson

And it doesn’t stop here – it never stops.  We can’t even fathom what is possible from our human view point.  Higher Truth is always waiting to be born.  Some of what you are reading now may become obsolete as these Higher Truths are birthed.

“If we all worked on the assumption what is accepted as truth is really true there would be little hope for advance.” – Orville Wright

We did not lose our connection with Source or its Knowledge when we arrived on the planet.  We did not cease being energy when we were born into the body.  We just have a temporary but necessary case of amnesia.  These bodies are the vehicles that allow us to be part of this journey of life and they are powerful teachers.  Still – They are not US.

The game of life wouldn’t be much fun if there were no surprises – agreed?  Without a good challenge what would we learn? What would be the point? Every challenge or perceived problem has found us at this next step of our evolution.  How do I know this?

 We are becoming disillusioned with the Illusion of illness we have created.

And…This Book Has Arrived.

The Evolution of Free Health is a revolutionary step in uncovering and claiming our Free Health.  We can transcend the chronic diseases we have created with our 3rd dimensional thinking by cooperating with Mother Nature and incorporating Higher Knowledge.

This 5th dimensional book has 5 elements – All designed to place you on the Fast Track to natural health.  Inside these pages, you will find:

“The Food IS Talking” Intuitive Process.  This is the Divine “Ding Ding” that changed my life. And it will change yours.  You will learn to incorporate the laws of Mother Nature and your Higher Power to create FREE Health.

Source Information I’ve received over the last few years that further support “The Evolution of FREE Health” and FREE Life.

Soulful little tidbits I call “Soul Digest” to inspire and remind us of who we are daily.

Delicious, Body & Soul satisfying recipes from Food Revelation (where I fell into the rabbit hole).

And, It all begins with The Intuitive Chef Journey.   Buckle Up!

Much Peace, Love, Joy & Health!

Gail Blair/The Intuitive Chef


Is The Re-invention of Mother Nature Hazardous to Our Health and Our Planet?


Three questions –

  1. If genetically modified food is so safe why the enormous push to keep consumers from knowing it is genetically modified?
  2. Is it possible to improve upon Mother Nature?
  3. Do our natural, organic bodies recognize this modified food?

Lab test may compare and confirm similar nutrient profiles between genetically modified fish and natural wild caught, but can we really know exactly how Mother Nature has created her bounty and duplicate it or improve upon it?

It is one thing to prove the nutrient content of a food, but another to prove the body’s ability to assimilate and use it.  I’m sure we have the ability to test this (I test it intuitively).  Measuring the vibration of the body before and after a meal would be one good way.  If the body is well fed, its vibration (energy) should increase.  Wouldn’t we want to choose the foods that have the highest energy?

Is it scientifically possible to measure the vibration (energy) of food?   I have a feeling we already have this technology and I for one will be searching for it.   Until we all learn to use our built-in guidance system (our intuition), science-based fact is how we make educated decisions about our health.  Today, science-based decisions are no longer a guarantee of safety as $$$ influence the outcomes of scientific research.

The body cannot digest and use foods that are not compatible.  Have we gone so far that the human body doesn’t recognize what we are feeding it?  Could this be one of the biggest factors in our decline in health today?

Good Food for Thought….

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The Face of Starvation in America


Obesity in America

This is NOT FUNNY.  These kids are starving..

I wonder how many people are addicted to junk food. I know quite a few personally. Sodium and MSG are powerful flavor enhancers and over stimulate the taste buds. It’s like a sex addiction. The addict is desensitized. The taste buds are desensitized and it takes more and more flavor to be satisfied.

When addicted, moderation is not a part of your vocabulary. When I was cooking for clients to help them lose weight, I had to create a lot of flavor for them to be satisfied. A big part of the reason, people fall off the diet wagon. They don’t know how to create flavor, healthfully.

I’m glad to see mainstream media finally picking up on the “malnourishment” aspect of obesity. We have hunger pains for a reason. It tells us the body needs nutrients. When the body doesn’t get what it needs the hunger switch doesn’t cut off and we keep eating and eating.   Junk food only satisfies the taste buds, not the body’s nutritional needs.  

And then there is this – All the chemicals, non-beneficial fats, processed carbs, sugar and meat that makes up the bulk of fast food fare – is all acidic. You would need a lot of vegetables to balance this kind of acid. A McDonald salad along with your burger, fries and soda is not going to do it.

At the root of all the diseases mentioned is inflammation. Inflammation happens when the body is too acidic. Just like acid irritates and causes inflammation on the outside of the body, the same thing happens on the inside.  How well would you be able to focus on your work if your skin was in a constant state inflammation?

An inflamed body cannot function properly, it is handicapped.   If the imbalance goes on long enough the body starts to shut down.  This is chronic disease and eventually a painful death.  

Good Food for Thought…

All of Nature Supports Life – Even Death

When the body’s natural balance is upset, life deteriorates; it becomes diseased – it decays.  When soil is out of balance it cannot sustain life.   When the ocean and seas are out of balance they cannot sustain life.  The same is true in ALL of nature.

When life cannot be sustained, Mother Nature is very proficient at finishing off the dying process.  Her “clean-up team” consists of natural predators like other animals, fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Ever wonder way we don’t see more dead animals lying around? In death, these animals and plants go on to nourish other animals, plants and Mother Earth.  Have you ever wondered why an animal will abandon a sick baby or a dying animal wants to be outside?  They instinctively understand this natural process.

Death is just part of a natural cycle

We are in essence over 98% energy and less than 2% solid matter.  All matter is energy vibrating slow enough to become solid form.  Some forms are more dense (more solid) than others.  Take water for instance; water and steam are the same energy, just vibrating at different frequencies (or speed).  Heat raises vibration making the water a lighter form.  As the water cools the vibration slows.  The water then becomes its denser form again.

The less than 2% of matter that makes up the human animal is governed by the same Laws of Nature as all other life beings on the planet.  All that is required to stop the “death signal” and Mother Nature’s little army of flesh eating Pac Man is to restore the body’s natural balance.  What we eat and think does this.   Our natural predators will then have to look for another food source, or they will die.  All of life is striving for life.

Ironically, the human body’s natural predators are the smallest creations on earth

All illness starts with symptoms; dis-ease in itself is a symptom (not a root cause).  The symptom is saying “Hey – Pay attention! Something is out of balance here!”  While undesirable and sometimes painful, they are sending us an important message; a life-saving message.  It’s up to us to receive the message and correct the imbalance.

Disease and its symptoms are “Life Savers”- Not life takers

If the imbalance is not addressed, more dis-ease results (a louder message).  Allopathic medicine tends to treat illness as the enemy and “SHOOTS THE MESSENGER” (the symptom) with drugs.  The message never gets delivered, the corrections are never made and the body signals Mother Nature’s clean up team there is a smorgasbord waiting.

We cannot escape the fact that our natural organic bodies require natural, “organic, grown in nature” food.  Anything else, throws the body out of balance.  The more man-made and chemically laden our food supply becomes the more out of balance we become.   Our natural bodies are not compatible with chemicals. The solution to chronic disease is restoring the body’s natural balance, not covering up the symptoms of the imbalance with more chemicals.

We may have an expiration date, but we do not have to suffer from chronic illness

And, then there is WHAT WE THINK (powerful energy) and part of the 98% of our formless essence.   Not one single thing was ever created that wasn’t thought of first.   Our creative power is wonderful and awesome!  However, unlike lower animals our superior “thinking” brains can make it challenge to maintain a healthy balance in our body. We live in a society where we are encouraged to be afraid.  Fear creates stress and stress causes imbalance in the body.  It upsets our pH by creating too much acid.

What we think affects our health at the cell level and can make it impossible to maintain a healthy cell pH no matter what we eat.   With every thought we are creating health or decay (acid eats flesh).   Our thoughts must be in alignment with health to create health.

What is true for the human body is true for the smallest micro-organism on earth to planet Earth itself.  We can bring back balance to the planet starting with our body.

Good Food For Thought….


Falling In Love..

Source: Falling In Love..

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The Chef’s Journey

I’m not surprised my passion and purpose revolves around food – We’ve been in love for a very long time. I discovered, at about 11 years old, I was CRAZY about cooking while spending time in the kitchen with my father preparing meals for our large family of seven. I took little miss “susie homemaker” VERY seriously.  I remember my Dad would take my creations all over the neighborhood (I pretended embarrassment).  Over the years I have always found immense pleasure in the loving preparation and celebration of food.  I get a huge kick out of re-vamping old family favorites into new, delicious healthy traditions that shut everyone up! In the silence the appreciation and love of the food can be heard.  Of course, I never share the “healthy” part until the plates are empty…

The “food and body” connection clicked in for me early in my adult life, watching my mother struggle with and die young of heart disease (1 year younger than I am today on Labor Day).  It hit me then, this was not natural and her doctor confirmed her lifestyle was a major contributor to her chronic conditions.  It would be many years before I realized my love for cooking and my mother’s experience had led me directly down the path that would become my life’s work.  I believe that all experiences in life happen for a reason.  Looking back I can see the synergy of events (hind sight is 20/20 – right?). One thing I know for sure – when you find your passion and passionately eat, sleep and work it, it will lead you directly to your purpose and that will lead you to joy and abundance (and I’m not just talking about the green kind).  As an accomplished plant-based chef, I have been sharing the delicious, healing power of food through public and private cooking classes and seminars for years now.  My favorite title; The Plant-Based Chef for Meat Lovers and Vegetable Haters…

This passion for healthy cooking has also been extended into volunteer work.  One of my deepest desires is to witness in this lifetime the end to our healthcare crisis and world hunger.  Just because people are well fed, doesn’t mean they are nourished.  Health and malnourishment cannot co-exist.  I have been blessed to take part in the re-vamping of the local food pantry where I live.  It is now a remarkable “Nutrition Center” that focuses on “real food” (lots of organics); fresh produce, whole grains and staple cooking ingredients.  I look forward to seeing this concept take off nationwide.  And of course, learning how to cook is KEY to the success of these programs.  One of the reason’s we are in this health care crisis boat is we have given over control of what is in our food.  Cooking from scratch restores control.  I share my love and talent through volunteer culinary classes at various community outreach centers locally.

As we all know – one thing leads to another and the chef experience was just one layer of this amazing journey. A life-long love affair with food has led me to the most surprising “Revelation” of all! Our body knows exactly what foods it needs and doesn’t for optimum health at any given time. Food is not just our fuel, it’s our “tool kit” for repair and maintenance. If we can know what this amazing, miraculous machine knows, we can be in control of our health. With that revelation, the “Intuitive Chef” was born and since many have enjoyed the health advantages of very specific; “unique to their body only” Food Compatibility Testing.  The process is called “Food IS Talking” and it is gaining momentum worldwide as the world becomes more and more aware that our collective state of health is not improving but deteriorating under our current health care system.  We are looking for real answers.

I knew when this revelation appeared, “the gift” was meant to be shared.  And so it is!  “Food IS Talking” workshops are now available worldwide in public venues, personal one-one-one workshops and online via Skype and video conferencing. Don’t we live in a magically time!  We can learn just about anything the world has to offer without leaving our chair. This is an intuitive process anyone can learn – It’s only a matter of flexing and building the natural intuitive muscle we were born with.  It is my purpose and sheer joy to share this revelation with the world.  Health is Freedom Baby!

Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health! – Intuitive Chef Gail

Psychiatry: erase the unique individual

Psychiatry: erase the unique individual.

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Falling In Love..

Are you loving yourself with your thoughts and actions?  As you fall more and more in love with yourself, you are less and less tolerant of causing harm to yourself, just as you would be intolerant of ANY harm to a “loved one”.  Love does not judge or harm.

Speaking of Love – Love yourself with this!

Alkalizing Lemon- Lime Mousse Parfait                                      Serves 4-6

¼ cup fresh squeezed lime juice

¼ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 large ripe avocado

¼ cup honey or to taste (or powdered stevia for non-sugar version)*

dash sea salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract or flavoring

1 cup homemade coconut whipped cream*

1 cup fresh blueberries or blackberries

Garnish with mint leaves, lime or lemon wheels or just a little zest

In standard food processor pulse avocado a few times to cream, then blend in lime and lemon juices, honey, vanilla and salt until very smooth and creamy.  Add 1/2 cup whipped cream and pulse a few times just until incorporated.  This can all be done with an electric mixer as well, just cream the avocado first and fold in cream last.  Refrigerate at least 30 minutes before serving.

When ready to serve, layer berries, mousse, and whipped cream anyway you want into pretty parfait glasses and garnish.

This is an amazing, taste bud tantalizing experience!  The best part – It is actually helps to balance the body’s pH!

Homemade Coconut Whipped Cream                                                      Serves 4 – 6

1 can coconut cream, chilled (Savoy is one brand)

2 teaspoon honey (or 1-2 teaspoon powdered stevia for a “no sugar” version)

1 teaspoon vanilla

½ teaspoon lemon zest

Large chilled stainless bowl

Open coconut cream and scoop into your cold stainless bowl.  Add honey, vanilla and zest. With a hand held mixer or stand mixer, whip the cream until light and fluffy.  Keep cold until ready to serve.

*Truwhip is a packaged coconut whipped cream (like cool whip).  It can be found in the freezer section of your whole foods store – Really delicious, but does contain a little sugar.

Enjoy!  Chef Gail

Picking the Scab

picking the scab

We always want to pick at the scab, don’t we?  When we do, sooner or later we make it bleed.  If we had just let it be, it would have healed much more nicely without so much pain.

Life is like that.  Life brings us what we judge as “boo boos” and then we pick them until they bleed and sometimes hemorrhage causing even more pain.   The boo boo has a purpose as all “seemingly” good or bad events do.   If we just be still; stop thinking, analyzing, STOP PICKING and be with it – “let it be”, it can then reveal its purpose; the message it is bringing and the REAL healing begins.

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