All of Nature Supports Life – Even Death

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" -Hippocrates-

When the body’s natural balance is upset, life deteriorates; it becomes diseased – it decays.  When soil is out of balance it cannot sustain life.   When the ocean and seas are out of balance they cannot sustain life.

When life cannot be sustained, Mother Nature is very proficient at finishing off the dying process.  Her “clean-up team” consists of natural predators like other animals, fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Ever wonder way we don’t see more dead animals lying around? In death, these animals and plants go on to nourish other animals, plants and Mother Earth.

Have you ever wondered why an animal will abandon a sick baby or why a dying pet wants to be outside?  They instinctively understand this natural process.

Death is just part of a natural cycle – The Circle of Life.

We may have an expiration date, but we do not have to suffer years of painful…

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The Body IS NOT Our Enemy

obesity scale

The article below is the perfect lead-in for the “2nd Missing Link” to our current “Health Care Puzzle” –

“What We Eat & Think.  Most Importantly what we THINK.

 I wrote about the 1st link here: 

Not everyone’s perfect body fits into a “perceived” perfect  size.  A healthy, balanced body knows how to regulate all systems optimally and this includes weight.

What keeps us from optimum health (it comes in all sizes) is what we eat and “think”. Most importantly – what we THINK.

If our thoughts are not in alignment with health – health will elude even the most obsessive “health nut”. If you “think” or live in fear of gaining the weight back, I guarantee you will. I’m sure all of the contestants have lots of experience “losing & gaining” weight. Based on this past experience the fear of gaining weight may run deep.

Where our focus goes energy flows. Focus on weight loss is putting the focus on what you don’t want – weight gain.

If you want to keep the weight off – Lose the fear. Focus on health – not weight. If you eat what “your unique” body wants 80% of the time and keep your thoughts in alignment with health, the body will thrive and the weight will regulate – naturally.

We are the commander of our vessel – not the other way around.

Our body is ALWAYS doing the right thing with what it has to work with (what we give it). It is ALWAYS striving for life. It IS NOT THE ENEMY as the article above would have us believe.

All dis-ease and obesity is sending a message that the vibration (energy) of what we are eating or “thinking” (or both) is not in alignment (compatible) with the high vibration of health. Get the message and heal.

This NY Times article above is the perfect set-up for the next “medical condition” and the Pharmaceutical answer.

I’m disappointed in this fear-mongering article. It makes no mention of the most important and powerful element in creating health or disease “THE MIND”.


Voting Mindfully for Freedom & Peace

Elections 2016

We are at a crossroads in this country.  It is time for BIG change which means we have to take a hard look at what is NOT working and make new choices.   To find solutions that WORK we must be willing to think outside the box and THINK FOR OURSELVES.

We can no longer afford to let someone, some group or our government do the “thinking” for us.

Americans are really MAD and ready for change.  Anger is the most powerful, passionate energy and catalyst for change there is.  It is necessary and creates revolution that furthers human evolution.   This country is in a severe state of “dis-ease” and I’m not talking about just illness.  It is a collective “state of being”, physically and emotionally.   The very thing many are resistant to is the cure – change..

Nothing changes until we change our mind.

Republicans and democrats argue over control; too much control or not enough control. They are both right about one thing – We have a major control issue.  As the parties continue to argue the root issue remains hidden from view.

Our government, political process and media have become a puppet to a small minority of people holding the majority of the wealth in this country and beyond.

The only reason we have ever needed a government “governing” in the first place, is to protect ourselves from those who would seek to “control” us; remove our individual and collective right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   Greed is threatening our freedom.

The United States is now living under a form of socialism.

Definition of socialism according to Merriam-Webster: “A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies”.

What we now have is a society in which the government is owned and “controlled” by huge corporations and conglomerates rather than individual people and companies.

After watching 4 televised debates (2 democrat and 2 republican) it became apparent to me we are only going to hear what the party wants us to hear. In these public debates the candidates are not obligated to answer questions that are not asked. To make an educated vote we must research for ourselves the issues that are most important to us and pay close attention to who is legitimately addressing them and who is not.

Here are my top 14 issues (I tried to keep it to 10:).   These are issues you may not hear discussed if only listening to one side:

#1 – In 2010 it became legal for campaigns to be funded by unlimited corporate and personal campaign contributions to super PACs (Political Action Committee).  If you don’t know what a super Pac is or how they work, here is a good place to start: 

The Question:  Do super PACs represent a “Conflict of Interest”?  If a candidate is not representing the corporate interest of the super PAC why would the super PAC be interested in financing the candidate’s campaign?

I believe this is the biggest issue.  It is a root issue and colors all decisions made by government; economic, defense, health care, social, environmental, and judicial.

#2 – The US became the sickest country out of the top 11 industrialized countries in the world in 2014. (

The Question:  How can we be so sick when we have the most expensive health care system in the world?

Connecting the dots: 

According to the health industry was once again the most profitable industry in the US in 2015.

In 2013 the FTC objected to a merger between Sysco & U.S. Foods arguing the combined company would “control” roughly 75% of the “foodservice marketplace”.   The food we “eat out” is effectively controlled by 2 companies.   The majority of Americans eat out A LOT.    This merger between the 2 was blocked in June of 2015.   Read all the details here:

Here is another interesting read:

And here:  “Today, just four large packing companies process 83% of cattle raised for beef in the United States.  Four others process 64% of the hogs.  In the early 1900s, when 5 firms controlled 66% of meatpacking, public outcry led Congress to pass the Packers and Stockyards Act, a law whose goal was to curtail the power of meatpackers by preventing them from manipulating prices and engaging in practices that discriminated unfairly against independent producers”.

Another Good Question:  How do huge conglomerates, wielding so much power and control over a nation’s food supply fit into a “Free Trade” democracy?  And, is it legal?

Main stream media controls our health in several ways.  The majority of advertisements are for drugs, health care and big food industries.

#3 –  There seems to be a huge conflict between what our government says is good for us and what the government supports with our tax dollars.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2013 recommends 45 grams of protein a today for the average female (with the exception of lactating or pregnant women) and 55 for the average male.

(I found this info initially on the CDC website in 2013.  I now get re-directed to the USDA when I try to access this info on the CDC website…interesting.   I located the data at the website above for this blog and since my original post this link has disappeared…even more interesting.)

If you follow the USDA guidelines ( for meat, seafood and dairy consumption (all are dense sources of whole proteins and the most acidic sources), you will have consumed about 88 grams of protein in a single day and you will have created an acidic environment in the body hospitable to disease.

6 ounces (recommended serving) of sirloin has more protein than the average female needs in a single day.

In 2015 the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled meat as a carcinogen.  The bulk of U.S. Department of Agriculture subsidies (our tax dollars) support the huge meat and dairy industry; along with the corn, soy and wheat industries.  Much of the subsidized grain crops feed the meat, dairy and egg industry.  “85% of all subsidies are received by the top 16% of farm households”* 

It seems this practice created to support farmers during the great depression no longer serves and hasn’t for a long time.  Subsidy dollars artificially deflate retail prices on meat and dairy; supporting an already fat market that hugely contributes to America’s obesity and chronic disease epidemic.

Current subsidy practices create an environment where the small, local farmer growing essential health supporting crops cannot compete.

Have you ever wondered how a pound of hamburger meat can cost less than a pint of organic blueberries? Logically, it makes no sense.

Corn is the largest subsidized crop and is also grown to make high fructose corn syrup. This chemically modified sugar can be found in practically everything from sodas to baby formula and is linked to chonic disease; obesity, diabetes and now heart disease.

*This is a good read with lots of backed-up research on the subject of government subsidies

  Agriculture subsidies are “controlling” the food supply.

 Question:    Do you feel government subsidies are in alignment with America’s health and if not, what would you do to change the current situation?

#4 – According to Hillary 33,000 deaths resulted from gun violence last year and yes this is tragic.  According to the statistics below we are losing more than 12 times that many to a cause that no one is talking about.

The media has many running scared for vaccinations when a few people die of the flu.  We let ourselves be doused in toxins for fear of contracting Lyme disease.  Now we have Ebola and the Zika virus to fear.  FEAR SELLS.  What you didn’t hear mentioned in the debates from either side, are these mind bending statistics (on our government website):

According to the FDA (siting studies from the Institute of Medicine and Jama in 1998) over 100,000 people die annually from ADRs (Adverse drug reactions) making it the 4th leading cause of death in American.  (These are now classified as “unintentional injuries”).  Also reported in the same article, in January of 2000, from 44,000 to 98,000 deaths occur annually from medical errors. 

Note:  I haven’t found any more recent statistics on the FDA site since the one referenced in the FDA link above.  Again, interesting…

According to a study released in 2013 by the Journal of Patient Safety, deaths caused by medical error are more likely around 400,000 and is now the 3rd leading cause of death More than cancer and heart disease.,_Evidence_based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspx

More here:

Question:  It seems not only is our health care system not affording us good health, it is detrimental to our health and life.  Why do you believe are our government and media are silent on this deadly issue?

#5 – The U.S. still has 33 to 48 million people without health care (depending on who you listen to).   The “Affordable Care Act” has not accomplished what it set out to do and for many insurance became less than affordable.

 Question: Do you believe health care should be a privilege and a right as a US citizen.  And if so, what is your plan to provide and pay for it?

No matter the answer, the demand for health care would plummet if our health care system was focused on “health”.  The solution to our health care crisis is to get healthy.  As long as this huge conflict of interest exist between what is good for our health and what is good for the health care industry’s shareholders we will have an industry focused on “sick care”.

#6 – Not every candidate is talking about the major issue of corporate tax loopholes that allow huge U.S. corporations to avoid paying income tax (billions of dollars) while small business and the middle class wage earners foot the bulk of the tax bill.

Can you imagine what we could do with the billions of sheltered tax dollars?

Question:  Should large profitable corporations be legally allowed to avoid paying income tax?

#7 – A fair minimum wage has been an issue for a long long time.

People complain about our tax dollars going to fund welfare programs.  If minimum wage had kept up with inflation (as “cost of living” raises do) we would need a lot less welfare.

The national minimum wage has increased only by $2.10 since 1997 (almost 20 years).  The $5.15 minimum wage went unchanged from 1997 to 2007 – 10 years without an increase!  I wonder how many employees would stay with a company for 10 years without a raise?

Question:  Do you feel someone willing to work full-time in this country should earn a “living” wage?

#8 –  The sky rocketing cost of college is a huge financial drain on families and leave many graduates with debt that may take decades to pay.   Is this really necessary?  There are many important jobs in this country that do not require a college degree. For those who desire one, the internet and experience can provide one at NO COST.

Do we really need to go into debt to learn?  If you can pass the test and do the work, shouldn’t that be enough? Has our worth in life come down to a college degree?  It wasn’t so long ago when anyone could climb the corporate ladder on merit and create a rich life.

Question:  Do you feel every American citizen should earn a college degree to be worthy of a living wage?  And, how do you propose to pay for it?

#9 – Social Security is always a hot topic.  It has been proposed that raising the retirement age to 70 is a good idea because people are living longer.  Heaven forbid we should live long enough to collect what we have paid in.   We may be living longer, however many seniors, due to chronic disease today are not healthy enough to work and have no retirement beyond social security.  Many have lost their life’s savings and pensions due to economic crisis and corporate downsizing.

Our elderly are suffering physically and financially.  Those that can work are discouraged from earning “too much” money.  As of 1983 seniors started paying income tax on social security benefits if earnings and SS totaled more than $25K.  Not a lot of money by any standard.   The social security program was originally designed to be income tax free.

We have been giving our money over to a retirement system that is not taking care of our seniors and gets farther and farther out of reach for future retirees.  As it stands today many seniors can’t afford the basics of life.

Question:  What would you do to bolster the current system and insure Americans receive the benefits paid in while they still have retirement years left?

#10 – The U.S. leads the world in incarcerations – even more than communist China.  How does this happen when the population of China was 1.357 billion in 2013 compared to the  U.S. at 318.9 million in 2014 (huge difference)?    Bernie Sanders mentioned this disturbing fact, but he left this out:  How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about

Question:  Does a conflict of interest exist when “for profit” corporations are allowed to influence the legal system?

#11 – Mental illness in regards to service veterans and mass shootings came up during the republican and democratic debates over the issue of “gun control”.   I agree with the republicans but not for the obvious reason.  Disarming people again is not addressing the “root” of the problem.

There is a complete disconnect between “mental” illness and other “physical” illness. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten the brain is part of the physical body and is affected by food and toxins just like the rest of the body.  

 Mental health issues are at epidemic proportions along with all chronic disease.  

 Question:  What would you do if you are elected to support the physical and mental health of America?

#12 – Those resistant to the idea of climate change are resistant to change, period.  A handful of huge corporations making huge profits on fossil fuels have the bucks to influence Washington.  We can no longer deny we must come up with cleaner, sustainable alternatives that bring back balance to our planet.  If we don’t, Mother Earth will balance herself and based on past experience it will not be pretty.

The huge meat and dairy industry is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gases, water waste and contamination.

Question:  Do you believe clean, sustainable energy and sustainable farming is a goal we must realize if our children and future generations are to have clean air to breathe, clean nutritous food to eat and clean water to drink?

#13 – The option of “straight ticket voting” is a big issue for me.  I call this the “lazy man vote”.  I was guilty.  Many children are brought up to vote “party”.  As I have become more responsible for my life, this doesn’t work for me anymore.  Not only does it seem lazy – it is irresponsible.

If you are going to vote shouldn’t you at least have to think?  Taking this option out alone would solve the issue of voter manipulation of those not mentally competent to vote either by handicap or ignorance.

Question: Does straight ticket voting have a place in a free election process?

#14 – Obama promised if elected (the first time) he would make sure Genetically Engineered food (GMOs) would have mandatory labeling.  This didn’t happen.   Monsanto has been protected by our government even as the American people have spoken very loudly on this issue.

“A total of 19 EU countries have “opted out” of growing genetically modified (GMOs) crops within all or part of their territories. “Many of EU countries have strict laws against GMOs out of public health and environmental concerns, and all 28 nations require GMO labeling“.

Question:   U.S. companies must label GMOs to sell their products in Europe.  Do you believe Americans should have the same right to know what they are eating?

You might have noticed defense did not come up in my top 14.  I’m not big on war.  I believe all war is a result of people trying to control people or the money.  The U.S. has only been at peace for 21 years Total since its birth.  Apparently, war is not the answer; however it is good for the economy.

What we resist persist.  War is resistance to peace. As long as we live in resistance we will need a defense.  I absolutely believe we should honor and respect the brave souls defending our country with as much support as they need on and off the battle field.

The real solution to any problem is always found at the root. Greed and control is at root of all the issues addressed above.  We will find solutions when we elect and whole-heartily support those interested in exposing the root instead of covering it up.

All of the events in the world are serving as a “wake up” call and the knocking has become very loud.  We are waking up to the realization America is out of alignment with Truth.  The truth that we all exist within an Abundant Universe and are connected to all of creation.  Like all other big wake up calls in history, I have faith as a country we will awaken and make the changes necessary to reach the next stage of our evolution – Peace.

Voting Mindfully Tips:

  • Be willing to change your mind when something does not resonates with your truth; your conscience. Just because something was true before doesn’t necessarily make it true today. For instance; women once were considered incompetent to vote and at one time owning people (slaves) was considered perfectly fine.
  • Do your homework. You can’t believe everything you hear.  This means listening to all candidates on all sides and seeking out the truth.  Different media outlets and “fact checking” websites will have different variations of truth.   In the end you will resonate with what is true for you.
  • Determine what issues are most important to you. Listen carefully to all sides to determine how important they are to the candidates.
  • Resist listening to media “opinion”, biased opinion or interpretations of the debates.  Form your own opinion; be a “free thinker”.  We give up our rights and can run right off a cliff when blindly following the leader or popular opinion.  It has happened before.
  • When in doubt, go with your gut. We have a natural “bullshit” barometer built in.  When we learn how to really use this gift, lying will be obsolete.
  • Once you have made your decisions, it is important to ask one more question. Does this person I would like to see elected have a snowball’s chance in hell?  If we cast our vote for the person with no chance, we give our vote to the opposition.  Vote for the person most in alignment with your truths that has a decent chance of winning.   If we do this with every election big and small, eventually we will have a country again for the people, by the people.



The First Missing Link: Time Does Not Stand Still and Neither Do Our Bodies

This first missing link is a “crucial piece” and it is this; Every “BODY” is completely unique. We have completely unique DNA. Every minute in time is unique and “its effect on the body” and how the mind perceives it – is unique. Ever wonder why we don’t like the same movies, TV shows, décor, food, clothes, or people? (The list is as endless as we are) Because, I’ll say it again WE ARE UNIQUE.

So how can one so-called “Good” food, diet, fitness regimen, doctor (allopathic, holistic or otherwise), medicine, supplement, healer or spiritual guru have all the answers to every person’s unique, “ever-changing” needs? It is Impossible! It could only be possible if we were all clones and time stood still. We do have some cloning going on, but we still haven’t figured how to make time stand still and still function on Earth.

A blood test, allergy test, food tolerance test, ANY lab test can only tell a person what is going on with their body at that moment in time (it is only a snap shot).  The result becomes obsolete as the body constantly shifts its needs according to it physical and mental environment – Even as it heals. 

Time does not stand still and neither do our bodies.

What nutrients the body needs changes day by day also depending on many factors and even by what we ate yesterday.  The body requires a variety of nutrients for optimum health.  When it comes to food – Variety IS the Spice of Life.  

The body is always striving to maintain balance and it tells us what foods it needs to do this.  “Only our body” can tell us what it needs at any given time.  Just like all animals we have the built-in ability to discern our diet needs; we’ve only forgotten our natural way as we have learned the world’s way of being.  And, just like all animals we also have this in common;

Our natural organic body is ONLY compatible with natural, organic food.

“The more man-made our food supply becomes the sicker we become”.

We have been provided with all we need for optimum health and it comes from one of our greatest pleasures – Nature-Made Food! No Modification required. If we can discern exactly what foods our body needs and “doesn’t”, and get our mind out of the way; our body will do exactly what it is miraculously designed to do; heal, maintain and thrive!

The “Evolution of Free Health” is about re-discovering our natural, inborn ability to intuit what our body needs for natural, abundant health.

Coming up next:   More on the 2nd Missing LinkWe are What We Eat & “Think”.

Evolution of Free Health

“Revelation cannot come to those who are so certain of “what is” that they cannot allow for the new to be revealed”. – A Course of Love.

Speaking of revelations -The “Evolution of Free Health” Public Facebook Page has arrived.  I will be discussing the upcoming book by the same name. The Preface and Introduction of the book will be available here, along with discussion, videos and guest speakers in support of this evolution.

This page and the focus of the book are dedicated to the new paradigm shift in health care emerging on our planet.  This shift is a completely holistic (mind, body and Spirit) approach to restoring abundant health to our planet starting with our own bodies. We are one with all of creation.

For change to happen, we must BE the change.

As a food and medical intuitive, over the last 4 years many revelations have stepped forward. I’m still amazed how the name of my company, “Food Revelation” appeared prior to my conscious knowledge of what was to come. It has been one big revelation after another!

The very first Revelation:  Our Nature Made Bodies Require Nature-Made Food.

We have been provided with the perfect tool kit for optimum health and maintenance and it comes from one of the greatest pleasures on earth – Food! Glorious Food! No modification Required.

The “Evolution of Free Health” is the accumulation of the five most important reveals and missing links to sustainable health.  These are crucial pieces of the health care puzzle.

The 1st missing link:  Our bodies are completely unique and are in a constant state of change.  Not one “Good” food is good for every “body” all of the time.

Over the years I have helped hundreds from all walks of life; celebrities to career moms and dads rediscover their natural God-given health through the power of “compatible food” and thought.  When it comes to food, it is not about what is labeled “Good” or “Bad” – It is only about what is compatible with our unique body.  What we need changes as our physical and mental state shifts – even as we heal.

 The 2nd missing link:  When it comes to our health, “We are what we Eat and “Think”

Most importantly we are what we think.  Health will not be achieved no matter the diet, if our thoughts are not in alignment with abundant health.   Everything is energy.  Like energy attracts like energy.  Health and unhappiness cannot co-exist for the same reason oil and water will never mix.

When the energy of our food and our thoughts are in alignment with the energy of health –Health is inevitable.

I’ve worked with many pets over the years.  Their healing comes easily and naturally has they are provided with their compatible, natural diet.   Why?  They do not think as humans do.  They only know how to BE.

It’s our human brain that causes us so much pain and so much joy.

The 3rd missing link:  The human animal is governed by the same laws of nature as all other animals.  This was a huge reveal and it will serve as the bridge that closes the gap between what we eat and think and our health.

All five “missing links” will be discussed in depth in the coming days.   Stay tuned!

 “What we think” is our Divine Creative Power.  Every creation begins with a thought.  We are a thought of God; our Creator.  We are created in our Creator’s image, therefore we are creators.   WE created the “Evolution of Illness” and WE are now ready to create the “Evolution of Free Health”.

Without Health – We are NOT FREE.

How do I know we are ready?  Because these revelations have been revealed.  Never before could this information have been accepted.  Even 5 years ago, I would not have been taken seriously.  In the beginning, I had trouble taking myself seriously!

Much to my amazement, my father at the wise age 85 years old is taking me seriously.  He approved the new content for my website at   I figured if it all made sense to him (pretty old school, set in his ways and opinionated) it would make sense to most.

With 4 years of experience under my belt and many, many success stories, this information is ready to be known to the masses.  This could well be the biggest shift in how we view disease and health since the age of industrialization and the invention of medicine.

The book and this page will focus on the “5 Missing Links to Abundant Health” as they have been revealed to me. They were never missing, just hidden from view as we have “learned” to view illness and disease as a natural, evitable state of being and a natural part of dying.

Dying to the body is natural – Chronic illness IS NOT.

This page will also serve as support for those ready to shift into the energy of Free Health.  Feel free to comment and ask any questions.  I will address as many as I can.  If you are not ready for this shift, there is no judgement here.  I believe all things have a Divine Timing.

This is a page for information and support, not for judgment and criticisms.  There are plenty of other pages online for that.

I invite my clients, friends and strangers to share their healing journeys, keeping in mind this is a “Public Forum”.  We never know how our experience might be a life-changing blessing for someone else.

Here’s to your Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!

Gail Blair/The Intuitive Chef


PS:  Up next – The 1st missing link in detail.  We are unique, ever-changing beings.  Time does not stand still and neither do we.


Oh..That’s Amore?

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Our Physical Body – Friend or Enemy?

Beautiful Perspective..

Ascended Perspectives

lady in grass_free_smallerWhat I see in my practice as a divinely guided energy healer and spiritual hypnotist is our true spiritual nature. My conclusion: We are energetic beings of light with an eternal soul. So, if this is what we really are, why are we standing here today with a physical earth body? This physical body appears on the surface to hinder our ability to express ourselves in this world. It is fragile and gets tired. It is susceptible to pain, disease, and addictions.

Our body has an important role to play in our spiritual development and life purpose. A divine wisdom is behind its’ creation. Not only is this body a vehicle for our spirit, but it is also a communication and processing tool. Every body part down to the DNA holds important messages and stories. Every event in which our body participates gives us opportunities to grow as spiritual beings…

View original post 439 more words

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Is The Re-invention of Mother Nature Hazardous to Our Health and Our Planet?

Three questions –

  1. If genetically modified food is so safe why the enormous push to keep consumers from knowing it is genetically modified?
  2. Is it possible to improve upon Mother Nature?
  3. Do our natural, organic bodies recognize this modified food?

Lab test may compare and confirm similar nutrient profiles between genetically modified fish and natural wild caught, but can we really know exactly how Mother Nature has created her bounty and duplicate it or improve upon it?

It is one thing to prove the nutrient content of a food, but another to prove the body’s ability to assimilate and use it.  I’m sure we have the ability to test this (I test it intuitively).  Measuring the vibration of the body before and after a meal would be one good way.  If the body is well fed, its vibration (energy) should increase.  Wouldn’t we want to choose the foods that have the highest energy?

Is it scientifically possible to measure the vibration (energy) of food?   I have a feeling we already have this technology and I for one will be searching for it.   Until we all learn to use our built-in guidance system (our intuition), science-based fact is how we make educated decisions about our health.  Today, science-based decisions are no longer a guarantee of safety as $$$ influence the outcomes of scientific research.

The body cannot digest and use foods that are not compatible.  Have we gone so far that the human body doesn’t recognize what we are feeding it?  Could this be one of the biggest factors in our decline in health today?

Good Food for Thought….

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The Face of Starvation in America

Obesity in America

This is NOT FUNNY.  These kids are starving..

I wonder how many people are addicted to junk food. I know quite a few personally. Sodium and MSG are powerful flavor enhancers and over stimulate the taste buds. It’s like a sex addiction. The addict is desensitized. The taste buds are desensitized and it takes more and more flavor to be satisfied.

When addicted, moderation is not a part of your vocabulary. When I was cooking for clients to help them lose weight, I had to create a lot of flavor for them to be satisfied. A big part of the reason, people fall off the diet wagon. They don’t know how to create flavor, healthfully.

I’m glad to see mainstream media finally picking up on the “malnourishment” aspect of obesity. We have hunger pains for a reason. It tells us the body needs nutrients. When the body doesn’t get what it needs the hunger switch doesn’t cut off and we keep eating and eating.   Junk food only satisfies the taste buds, not the body’s nutritional needs.  

And then there is this – All the chemicals, non-beneficial fats, processed carbs, sugar and meat that makes up the bulk of fast food fare – is all acidic. You would need a lot of vegetables to balance this kind of acid. A McDonald salad along with your burger, fries and soda is not going to do it.

At the root of all the diseases mentioned is inflammation. Inflammation happens when the body is too acidic. Just like acid irritates and causes inflammation on the outside of the body, the same thing happens on the inside.  How well would you be able to focus on your work if your skin was in a constant state inflammation?

An inflamed body cannot function properly, it is handicapped.   If the imbalance goes on long enough the body starts to shut down.  This is chronic disease and eventually a painful death.  

Good Food for Thought…

All of Nature Supports Life – Even Death

When the body’s natural balance is upset, life deteriorates; it becomes diseased – it decays.  When soil is out of balance it cannot sustain life.   When the ocean and seas are out of balance they cannot sustain life.

When life cannot be sustained, Mother Nature is very proficient at finishing off the dying process.  Her “clean-up team” consists of natural predators like other animals, fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Ever wonder way we don’t see more dead animals lying around? In death, these animals and plants go on to nourish other animals, plants and Mother Earth.

Have you ever wondered why an animal will abandon a sick baby or why a dying pet wants to be outside?  They instinctively understand this natural process.

Death is just part of a natural cycle – The Circle of Life.

We may have an expiration date, but we do not have to suffer years of painful, chronic disease.  All that is required to stop Mother Nature’s flesh eating Pac Man is restore the body’s natural balance.  What we eat and think does this.   Our natural predators will then have to look for another food source, or they will die.  All of life is striving for life.

Ironically, the human body’s natural predators are the smallest creations on earth.

All symptoms of disease are sending a message; dis-ease in itself is a symptom (not a root cause).  The symptom is saying “Hey – Pay attention! Something is out of balance here (out of alignment with health)!”  While undesirable and sometimes painful, they are sending us an important message; a life-saving message.  It’s up to us to receive the message and correct the imbalance.

Disease and its symptoms are “Life Savers”- Not life takers. 

If the imbalance is not addressed, more dis-ease results (a louder message).  Allopathic medicine tends to treat illness as the enemy and “SHOOTS THE MESSENGER” (the symptom) with drugs.  The original message (the imbalance) never gets delivered, the corrections are never made and the body signals Mother Nature’s clean up team there is a smorgasbord waiting.

Our bodies are not compatible with chemicals.  Drugs can be necessary and helpful in acute, crisis situations, but not as a way of life.  For instance; blood pressure medicine is considered a way of life.  If the root of the high blood pressure is found, the medicine is no longer necessary.

We cannot escape the fact that our natural organic bodies require lots of natural, “organic, grown in nature” produce. Mother Nature provides the balance.  Food is our medicine and our fuel.  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.  The more man-made and chemically laden our food supply becomes the more out of balance we become.

However, it doesn’t matter what we eat if our thoughts are not in alignment with health. The biggest contributing factor to health and disease is the vibration of our thoughts.  As is all of creation we are energy and we create our experience by the most powerful energy of all – WHAT WE THINK!  Not one single thing was ever created that wasn’t thought of first.

Lower animals live in the peaceful present.  They do judge the past or worry about the future.   Our superior brains make it much harder than other animals to maintain balance.    Our creative power is wonderful and awesome and the source of much joy and pain.

It’s our human brain that causes us so much pain.

Today we live in a society where we are encouraged to be afraid.  We are encouraged to fear death.  We are encouraged to battle “future” enemies (worry).  Fear and worry creates stress and stress causes imbalance in the body.

Stress contributes to the production of too much acid in the body.  Too much acid leads to inflammation (where chronic disease begins).  Acid eats flesh inside and out.  Inflamed organs become compromised and cannot effectively do their jobs. The compromised body is vulnerable to disease and decay.  The vibration of vibrant health and disease are not compatible and cannot co-exist just like oil and water will not mix.

With every thought we are creating health or decay.  

What is true for the human body is true for the smallest micro-organism on earth to planet Earth itself.   All of creation is connected.  As we bring balance to our bodies we bring back balance to the planet.  We cannot give what we don’t have.

Good Food For Thought….


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